My Story

When I was 12, Sister Brenda, a no-nonsense nun from the Bronx, appeared as the Principal of my hometown school 6 miles south of Quebec to declare that she would teach Spanish to every student. From that point, the sound of the language and anyone who spoke it made me feel centered, yet inspired to explore other places. During and after studying Spanish and Psychology in college, I travelled and studied in Spanish-speaking countries such as Costa Rica and Spain. After college, I worked in a behavioral cardiology lab to prepare for a career in psychology, but eventually I realized that I needed to be immersed again in the Spanish language. So I returned to graduate school for Spanish Literature. Now teaching Spanish with Service-Learning, I’m able to interweave my interests in language, culture and psychology to provide students with experiential opportunities as they engage with local Latino communities.

Christine Swoap
Spanish Immersion Rafting on French Broad River
The Warren Wilson College Forest


  • B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature, Psychology, Binghamton University
  • M.A. in Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Delaware

Research Interests

  • Assessing Critical Reflection in the foreign language classroom
  • Service-Learning and community engagement in the foreign language classroom
  • Language acquisition

Courses Taught

  • Service-Learning Spanish I
  • Service-Learning Spanish III
  • Service-Learning Spanish IV

Crews and Other Activities

  • Faculty Representative for Center for Community Engagement Advisory Council
  • Supervisor of the Spanish Assistant Work Crew
  • Member of American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Contact Christine LaRocque Swoap

Boon 107
WWC CPO 6037

PO Box 9000

Asheville, NC 28815-9000