Spend 10 Hours a Week With Your Crew

All resident students log 10 hours a week with one of more than 85 work crews. They manage everything from publication design and software development to installing plumbing, harvesting timber, and raising grass-fed cattle.

Earn $2,175 a Year Toward Your Tuition

Plus the real payoff is much bigger than that. You’ll build professional skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and communication. You’ll also gain a unique (and eclectic) college experience by doing work with a real purpose – a distinct advantage when applying for jobs or graduate school.

20% of food on campus

Our food crews grow or raise 20% of the food served in eateries across campus.

You'll learn and grow

96% of graduates indicated that their on-campus employment had significantly contributed to their learning and personal development.

Preparing for life after college

Your work crew supervisor will give you a formal work evaluation each semester, helping you develop your professional skills.

Building a Culture of Community

We’re a self-sustaining community, where everybody does their part to keep the college running. Crews become part of your identity, and crew members become like family. Living and working together and learning to serve one another creates a sense of community pride that you can’t quite grasp until you see it for yourself.

Not Bad for Your Resume, Either

Between work crews, research projects, service-learning experiences and internships, our graduates leave well-prepared to lead meaningful lives and careers. They’re praised by employers for their ability to think critically across disciplines and their ability to work hard. And they’re regularly accepted into graduate programs, medical schools, and organizations like Teach for America and the National Park Service.

My crew is not only a place to work and learn. It is also a place for wellness and self-care. I love my crew because it has encompassed a place and an activity that not only contributes to my educational and intellectual fulfillment at Wilson, but also my self preservation, my curiosity, and my overall happiness. I honestly cannot imagine my Wilson experience without it.

Hannah Gibbons ’19, Environmental Studies, Garden Crew
Produce at the Garden Market