Dedicated to LGBTQIA+ Support

What makes Warren Wilson different? With such a strong and vibrant LGBTQIA+ community on campus, we have specialized resources, support, events, facilities, and housing to ensure that you have what you need. 

Our supportive LGBTQIA+ community has been recognized by a variety of sources, including the following publications:

  • 4.5 out of 5 on the Campus Pride Index
  • 2023’s Top-Ranked LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges
  • 2018 The Princeton Review’s #4 “Most LGBTQ-Friendly” college
  • 2015 eCollegeFinder’s “most lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning-friendly college or university in North Carolina”

Queer Resource Center

The Queer Resource Center works to uplift, support, and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community on campus. They also provide training and resources about gender and sexual diversity to the community at large. 

At the Queer Resource Center, you’ll find a resource library, gathering space, and our Director of Queer Life’s office. The Director of Queer Life is available for student support and advocacy and works to promote LGBTQIA+-friendly policies on campus.

 The Queer Resource Center runs regular social and educational programming including:

  • movie nights
  • drag brunches
  • support and affinity groups
  • allyship trainings
  • sex ed workshops
  • hormone and name change info sessions
  • Coming Out Day
  • Trans Day of Visibility


Building a supportive LGBTQIA+ community is about more than just changing attitudes. At Warren Wilson, we have changed our physical structures, too:

All Gender Restrooms: All gender bathrooms are available in most buildings on campus.

Gender-Neutral Dorms: All students can choose to live in housing inclusive of all gender identities.

Alliance Living and Learning Community: This community is an intentional and supportive space of all genders and sexual identities. You will engage in honest dialogue about gender, gender identity, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships as a means to self-awareness.

Alumni Highlight

Meet Daymón Hinkelman ’22, a transgender man and an alum, whose pronouns are he/him. Daymón double majored in Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy with a concentration in Music. He interned with the StoneCreek Health & Rehabilitation Center, where he performed music therapy for residents. As a transgender student, Daymón was happy with his experience on campus, saying Warren Wilson helped him come out as transgender, normalize his feelings and gender dysphoria, and be more confident in his identity.

Meet more alumni who identify as LGBTQIA+:

Jay Edidin ’04

Michelle Padrón ’21

Rhett Small ’14

Queer Life in Asheville

LGBTQIA+ culture is deeply threaded into the Asheville area and shows through the resources, groups, and events available here. Students have access to organized transportation to attend Pride festivities, to participate in LGBTQIA+ community service events, and shop at LGBTQIA+-owned businesses regularly. 

For a comprehensive list of LGBTQIA+ community resources in Asheville, check out the Blue Ridge Pride Portal.

Gender-affirming healthcare and resources are essential for Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Variant students. For supportive healthcare options and resources in Asheville, take a look at Tranzmission’s Resources.