Like Warren Wilson College itself, our admissions office is staffed by authentic, dynamic, conscientious, and supportive individuals deeply dedicated to our shared values and community. Questions are natural for the inquisitive mind; we invite yours anytime.

Janelle Holmboe

Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing

(828) 771-2079

Morning Naughton, ’97

Senior Associate Director of Admission

(828) 771-2077

Sharon Lytle, ’78

Senior Associate Director of Admission

(828) 771-2075

Brian Liechti, ’15

Assistant Director of Admission

(828) 771-3006

Skye Telka

Admission Counselor

(828) 771-2080

Monique Cote, ’94

Campus Visit Coordinator

(800) 934-3536

Jess Jacob

Admission Record Specialist

(828) 771-3824

Financial Aid Staff

Lori Lewis

Director of Financial Aid

(828) 771-2081

Derrick Everhart

Senior Associate of Financial Aid

(828) 771-2032