Steps to Orientation

Congratulations again on your acceptance to Warren Wilson College. Your admission is a reflection of your hard work and shared values. We’re excited to work with you on the next steps.

Get to Know Your Classmates

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On Your Way to Warren Wilson

There’s a lot to do in preparation for Orientation on August 20-25!  Some of these steps can be confusing, so please have a look at the Advising & Registration Workbook & Coloring Book, the Student Life & Housing Guide, and your billing packet (Coming Soon!) to help you through the process.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email or call: (800) 934-3536.

Transfer Students

Look for the purple notes – these are instructions just for you.

All the Details

  1. Newly admitted?

    If you’ve been accepted to Warren Wilson and are ready to commit, please pay your $300 enrollment deposit online now. Note that you will need your myWWC portal login, which was emailed to you shortly after your acceptance. Can’t find your login? Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help.

    If you’ve been admitted after any of the deadlines below, please complete these items as soon as possible.


  2. Accept your Financial Aid

    Before your award can be finalized, you’ll need to make sure you’ve completed the following:

    • If you have not completed a FAFSA, you will only be eligible for merit-based scholarships and grants.  If you would like to apply for need-based aid, including federal or state aid, then you must complete a FAFSA.
    • If you’ve been selected for FAFSA verification, you must complete that process before you can accept your final award.  Note that the verification process can be lengthy — don’t procrastinate! Contact the Financial Aid office for help (828) 771-2082 or email
    • Note that NC residents must complete Residence Determination Service (RDS) before being eligible for NC state aid and the NC Free Tuition program.
    • If you’re receiving students loans, you must complete the loan paperwork before funds can be disbursed.

    If you haven’t already done so, please login to NetPartner to accept your Financial Aid award.

    Your aid package cannot be applied to your account until you accept your award.

    You can find information about NetPartner and how to login here.


  3. Start your Student Health Record

    You’ll need to work with your family and physician to complete your Student Health Record.  Download and print the student health forms here. We’ll also mail you a copy in the Student Life & Housing Guide (Coming Soon!).  Don’t put it off!  You’ll need to complete the following:

    • Student Health Record
    • Immunization Record
    • Physical Examination

    You cannot attend classes next fall without this paperwork submitted.

    Note for Transfers: You’ll need a physical examination from the past year.


  4. Setup your WWC login credentials and email

    Your WWC username and temporary password have been mailed to you inside the Advising & Registration Workbook & Coloring Book.

    Note that you cannot login to your new Gmail account until you setup your login credentials with the instructions below.

    Set up Your Credentials

    • Grab your Coloring Book with your username, temporary password, and student ID number.
    • Go to and click the “My Account” button. Do NOT click the “Forgot My Password” button.
    • Login and follow the instructions to setup your recovery email address, define your security questions, and change your password to a permanent one.  Now the temporary password in your Coloring Book will no longer work for any of the College systems — use your new password instead.
    • Give the system 10-15 minutes to propagate your new login credentials to Gmail.

    Setup your WWC Email

    • Go to (or you can just go to Gmail).
    • If you see a ‘Sign in’ screen here asking you to enter an email address to login, then continue to the next step.  If you’re already signed in to Google with a personal email, then sign out.  Note: If you’re using Chrome and want to access multiple Google accounts at once, you can add a new profile. Search “Add a person to Chrome” to find out more.
    • Use your full email address (your user name and your new permanent password (the one you setup in the steps above) to sign in.
    • Check your email regularly. Pre-Orientation communication will
      be going to your new email address.

    If you are having problems, or if you have not received your login credentials in the workbook, then please email


  5. Complete your Housing Application

    Information about the Housing Application and your available options was mailed to you in the Student Life & Housing Guide. Take a moment to review it now.  Among other things, you’ll need to select a meal plan option.

    Transfer Students – don’t miss the Transfer Suite description on page 7.

    Once your ready, complete your Housing Application online.

    If you complete your application on time, then your roommate and housing assignment will be available on myWWC starting June 15.


  6. Register for a Pre-Orientation Program

    Students who participate in these programs will move-in early on August 15th or 16th. Space is very limited, so register now!

    • Community Engagement with Bounty & Soul
    • Craft Immersion
    • Outdoor Adventure: Camping & Hiking
    • Outdoor Adventure: Camping & Canoeing

    Learn More and Register Here



  7. Get ready for academic advising!

    Review Activity 2 of the Advising & Registration Workbook & Coloring Book, then choose your top three picks for a First Year Seminar.  Once you’re ready, complete the Academic Survey online. Transfer Students do not need to complete the survey.

    NOTE: You will need to login with your WWC username and password (refer to instructions in the step above).

    Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer the first-year seminar on animal domestication taught by Kirk Adams.  See below for a new course addition!

    Continue by reviewing Activity 3 in order to be ready to work with your Integrated Advising (IA) Coach during the month of July.  Your IA Coach will talk with you about class registration and will tell you the steps involved and when it will happen.

    New Course: Communicating Conservation in the Southern Blue Ridge

    Western North Carolina is full of special places; this richly diverse temperate rainforest houses some of the world’s most amazing and threatened species and ecosystems. Saving special places and organisms takes more than just good science and policy. Modern conservation must also include effective communication with key stakeholders, including the general public. In this course, students will participate in local conservation projects, helping to share the stories of the imperiled ecosystems of western North Carolina and the dedicated people working to help save them. Students will learn and practice science communication techniques, including scientific writing, video, photography, podcasting, and dissemination through social media and other outlets.

    Course Instructor Peter Erb:
    Peter Erb is a conservation biologist-turned-filmmaker who teaches science communication and documentary film courses at WWC. When not behind the lens of a camera, Peter is often found hiking in WNC or Montana with is wife, daughter, and Bernese mountain dog, Bridger.

    You can pick Communicating Conservation in the Southern Blue Ridge the same as any of the courses in the Coloring Book.


  8. Take Placement Tests

    These placement tests are hosted on our e-learning platform called Moodle.  You will need to login to Moodle using your WWC username and password (refer to instructions in the step above).

    • Math Placement Test
      All incoming students are required to take this test (including Transfer Students).
      Please choose the test you take based on what you have previously studied.
      LENGTH: 60 Minutes, and must be completed in one sitting.
      NOTE: Have pencil and paper on hand. Test should be completed without a calculator.- If you have studied trigonometry, take Exam 3.
      – If not, but you have a reasonably strong algebra background, take Exam 2.
      – Otherwise, take Exam 1.
    • Chemistry Placement Test
      Do you plan to study science at Warren Wilson?  This includes natural science majors (chemistry, biology, etc.) and environmental studies students, as well as students interested in medical school or other health professions.  If yes, you must take this test.
      If you are a Transfer Student considering a science major who hasn’t transferred in General Chemistry credit, you should also take this test.
      LENGTH: 80 minutes long and must be completed in one sitting.
      NOTE: You may use a calculator.
    • Spanish Placement Test
      If you have studied Spanish in high school or speak it at home, and if you think you might take Spanish in college, you must take this test.
      LENGTH: Untimed.
      NOTE: The test’s password is: wwcollege


  9. Your First Writing Assignment

    NOTE: You will need to login to your WWC Google Account with your username and password (refer to instructions in the step above).

    This link will take you to the Writing Assignment, which takes about two hours to complete.  This assignment is for First-Year and Transfer Students.

    The assignment will ask you to:

    • Listen to a lecture by a contemporary writer.
    • Compose a 300-500 word essay in response to the lecture.
    • Answer a few questions about your writing background.
    • Review specific courses and writing support that are optional during your first semester, and select any that seem useful to you. Your Integrated Advising Coach will read your essay and talk with you to finalize your selection of courses and writing support.


  10. Send us your documents

    Don’t forget to send us the following required documents:

    • Final official transcript showing proof of high school graduation
    • Official AP/IB scores, if applicable
    • Final official college/university transcripts (if dual enrolled or Transfer Student)


  11. Take the BCSSE Survey

    Look for an email invitation to participate in the BCSSE survey in mid June (or shortly after depositing, if later than June). This email is sent to your Warren Wilson College email account. Transfer Students won’t be taking the BCSSE.


  12. Health insurance waiver

    You’re required to have health insurance to attend, and Warren Wilson enrolls you in a CIGNA plan and adds the charge to your bill.  CIGNA health insurance provides coverage from 8/1/2019 to 7/31/2020. CIGNA is the insurance company, and CHP / Wellfleet is the plan administrator (for managing benefits, claims, and communications).

    If you have health insurance already through a parent or guardian, please fill out the waiver to cancel enrollment and reverse the charge for our student health insurance.

    • Go to and enter “Warren Wilson College” in the Find Your School field.
    • Choose Waive and then Waive Online. Follow the instructions to create an account.
    • Make sure to use your WWC email address.
    • Enter your insurance information.
    • Waiving in the fall will waive coverage for the entire year.
    • Make sure you receive confirmation from CHP / Wellfleet that your waiver was approved. If the charge is not removed from your Student Account within 5 business days then your waiver has not been approved. Log into your CHP / Wellfleet account to complete the waiver process.

    Are you considering competing on a varsity sports team? If so, you can learn more about athletic insurance coverage here.

    NOTE: The waiver must be completed by September 27, 2019 or the charge will not be reversed.  For more information, email or call (828) 771-3802.


  13. Complete your Work Crew Application

    NOTE: You will need to login to your Google Account with your WWC username and password (refer to instructions in the step above).

    Complete your Work Crew Application


  14. Setup Community Engagement tools

    Please complete the survey and account setup detailed below.

    NOTE: You will need to login to your WWC Google Account (refer to instructions in the step above).

    Community Engagement Survey

    Complete the Community Engagement survey

    Setup Your GivePulse Account

    • Log on to WWC GivePulse using your email and password.
      Make sure to log on using the “Log In With Google” Button
    • WWC GivePulse is the database for tracking your community engagement experiences, exploring opportunities to connect, and learning more about community partnerships.
    • Contact should you encounter any issues.


  15. Pay your first semester bill

    In mid-June, you receive a billing packet that provides you with a statement for your first semester along with helpful instructions about ensuring your financial aid is applied, payment plans, and payment options.

    NOTE: Completing the Health Insurance Waiver (above) will reverse the charge for student health insurance.


  16. Send your Student Health Records

    You’ll need to work with your family and physician to complete your Student Health Record.  Download and print the student health forms here. We’ll also mail you a copy in the Student Life & Housing Guide (Coming Soon!).  Don’t put it off!  You’ll need to complete the following:

    • Student Health Record
    • Immunization Record
    • Physical Examination

    Note that you cannot attend classes next fall without this paperwork submitted.

    Note for Transfers: You’ll need a physical examination from the past year.