Art is Everywhere

Garden gates, bike racks, benches, railings… you will be inspired by the work of fellow students across campus. Turn a corner and you never know what you’ll encounter.

A View Worth Painting

Artists from across the state come to our campus to paint and photograph it. Our valley presents one of the most compelling landscapes in the South, and students find that the changing cloudscapes, deep blues and violets of the mountains, and lush greens of the pastures become a centering and powerful component of being a student.

Music Surrounds Us

Music surrounds us on campus. Faculty, staff and students can often be found outside of Gladfelter Cafeteria participating in an old-time music jam session. We’re home to The Swannanoa Gathering, which offers an educational program of summer folk arts workshops. The College is also home to the Swannanoa Chamber Music Festival — a five-week annual event offering workshops and concerts for musicians and listeners alike. In April, the Fiddles and Folklife Festival features an old-time music contest for fiddle, banjo and string band, as well as music jams, food and craft vendors, folklife demonstrators and cakewalks.


A Chance Meeting. Beautiful Music.

Molly Rose and Eleanor Underhill’s musical partnership is the result of a chance meeting at a makeshift performance of “Angel from Montgomery” when they were between classes at Warren Wilson. Since then, they’ve landed in the top 25 on six different domestic and international airplay charts. The band’s third album peaked at #28 on the AMA Chart and hovered at #1 on the Roots Music Review’s Progressive Bluegrass Album Chart. Check out their music video for “Helpless Wanderer”, shot on campus at Warren Wilson (the opening scene takes place in front of the Garden Cabin!)

Warren Wilson College is a community, and music is one of the ways we build that community. So many amazing musical achievements can be attributed to our students, graduates, faculty and staff members, and the countless people who venture here year after year to participate in programs like The Swannanoa Gathering and the Swannanoa Chamber Music Festival.

Kevin Kehrberg, Chair of the music department