Mission Statement

The mission of Warren Wilson College is to provide a distinctive undergraduate and graduate liberal arts education. Our undergraduate education combines academics, work, and service in a learning community committed to environmental responsibility, cross-cultural understanding, and the common good.

Core Values

All proceedings, programs, and initiatives of the College are grounded in a commitment to the following core values:

Enduring Institutional Objectives

Drawing from its core values, the College accomplishes its mission through an enduring commitment to the following objectives:

The strategic plan draws on the College’s Enduring Institutional Objectives and identifies those for specific initiatives during the strategic plan period, 2010-2015.


Warren Wilson College will lead the nation toward a new model for liberal arts education through the innovation of its Triad educational program, the quality of its academic engagement, the fulfillment of its sustainability principles, the depth of its commitment to diversity, the vitality of its community, and its nurturing of individual well-being.