Applying Your Skills

Internships can be seen as mere rites of passage — ways to get some requisite experience to put on the resume before graduating college.

At Warren Wilson, internships provide unique opportunities for you to apply the skills you’ve developed on-campus with our off-campus community. Internships are actively integrated into your experience, many times as an extension of a service-learning course or work experience.

Take Austin Fust ’17: Like most students at Warren Wilson College, Austin found a way to meet her academic interests while also meeting the needs of her community. She conducted her senior Capstone research project in psychology as an intern at the Black Mountain Neuro Medical Treatment Center — learning the ways music can conjure memories for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

There, she combined the liberal arts underpinning of her psychology program with the hands-on connection to the community to understand how expressive therapies could make an impact on individuals’ quality of life.

You will go beyond the average “learn what an office setting is like” internship — we challenge you to build dynamic programs that live beyond your time as a student.

Internship Benefits

At a school where experiential education is paramount, it’s important to value the outcomes of the deep, engaged learning you can achieve during internships.

That’s why internships are required and count for credit in the following programs:

Internships can also meet your work credit requirements and build your capacity for leadership, meeting community engagement expectations, as well.

If summer internships are unpaid, you can apply for stipends to ensure that access to integrated experiential learning is possible for all.