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2014-2015 Academic Calendar

August, 2014
14Faculty Fall Retreat (14th-15th)
19New Student Orientation - First Years (19th-23rd)
20New Student Orientation - Transfers (20th-23rd)
24Residence halls open to returning students
25Classes begin Semester I/Term 1
25Triad Day
28Deadline for Semester I/Term 1 Add/Drop
September, 2014
5New and ST Course Proposals due to Academic Affairs for Spring 2015
8Summer Term Incomplete Grades due to Registrar
8Semester II/Term 4 Incomplete grades due to Registrar
17Course schedule revisions for Spring 2015 due to Registrar
19Deadline to Withdraw/Pass from Term 1 Courses
26Book orders for Term 2 due to Bookstore
29Semester Abroad application/approval forms due
October, 2014
16Trustee Meeting (16th-18th)
17Last day of classes Term 1
18Fall Break (18th-26th)
21Mid-Semester/Term 1 grades due to Registrar
27Classes begin Term 2
27Academic Advising
30Deadline for Term 2 Add/Drops
31Deadline to Withdraw/Pass from a Semester 1 course
31Book orders for Semester II/Term 3 due to Bookstore
November, 2014
3Registration for Spring (3rd-7th)
10Senior Letters for Dec grads due to Depart Chairs
10Term 1 Incomplete grades due to Registrar
24Deadline to Withdraw/Pass from Term 2 course
24Senior Letters for Dec grads due to Registrar
26Thanksgiving Break (26th-29th)
December, 2014
19Last day of classes Semester I/Term 2
19Deadline for Independent Study Proposals (to Registrar Office)
19Winter Break (December 19 - January 18)
20Residence halls close for Winter Break
23Semester I/Term 2 grades due to Registrar
January, 2015
1New Year's Day
3MFA Winter Residency (3rd-13th)
13Faculty Spring Retreat
15New Student Orientation
17Registration for New Students
18Residence Halls open for continuing and readmitted students
19Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
20Work Crew Meetings and MLK Activities
21Classes begin Semester II/Term 3
27Deadline for Semester II/Term 3 Add/Drop
February, 2015
4Semester I/Term 2 incomplete grades to Registrar
13New and ST Course Proposals for 2015-16 due to Academic Affairs
17Deadline for Withdraw/Pass from Term 3 Courses
19Trustee Meeting (19th-21st)
20Summer School schedule proposal due to Academic Affairs
26Course schedule revisions for 2015-16 due to Registrar
27Book orders for Term 4 due to Bookstore
March, 2015
2International Programs Week (2nd-6th)
13Last day of classes Term 3
14Spring Break (14th-22th)
17Mid-Semester/Term 3 grades due to Registrar
23Classes resume Semester II/begin Term 4
26Deadline for Term 4 Add/Drops
27Deadline to Withdraw/Pass Semester II Courses
30Senior Letters for May grads due to Dept Chairs
31Book orders for Summer due to Bookstore
April, 2015
6Term 3 Incomplete grades due to Registrar
17Deadline for Withdraw/Pass from Term 4 Courses
17Book orders for Semester I/Term 1 (Fall 2015) due to Bookstore
20Registration Week for Fall Semester
20Senior Letters for May grads due to Registrar
23Trustee Meeting (23rd-25th)
May, 2015
4Capstone Carnival
14Last day of classes Semester II/Term 4
14Commencement Rehearsal
15Senior grades due to Registrar (noon)
15Deadline for Independent Study Proposals (to Registrar Office)
15Semester II/Term 4 ends
15Honors & Awards Event
19All grades due to Registrar
25Memorial Day
June, 2015
8Classes begin for Term 5
10Deadline to Drop/Add Term 5 Class
18Deadline to withdraw from Term 5 Classes
July, 2015
1Classes for Term 5 end
2MFA Summer Residency (2nd-12th)
4Independence Day
6Classes begin for Term 6
8Deadline to drop/add Term 5 Class
16Deadline to withdraw from a Term 5 Class
29Classes end for Term 6
August, 2015
3Final Grades dues for all summer terms