2015-2016 Academic Calendar

August, 2015
13Fall Faculty Retreat (13th-14th)
18New Student Orientation - First Years (18th-22nd)
19New Student Orientation - Transfers (19th-22nd)
19Academic Convocation
23Residence halls open to returning students
24Courses begin Semester I/Term 1
24Triad Day
27Deadline for Semester I/Term 1 Add/Drop
September, 2015
4New and ST Course Proposals due to Academic Affairs for Spring 2016
7Summer Term Incomplete grades due to Registrar
7Semester II/Term 4 Incomplete grades due to Registrar
15Book orders for Semester I/Term 2 (Fall 2016) due to Bookstore
18Course schedule revisions for Spring 2015 due to Registrar
18Deadline to Withdraw/Pass from Term 1 Courses
29Semester Abroad application/approval forms due
October, 2015
2Homecoming/Family Weekend (2nd-4th)
8Board of Trustees Meeting (8th-10th)
15Book orders for Semester II/Term 3 due to Bookstore
15Book orders for MFA Winter Residency due to Bookstore
16Courses end Term 1
17Fall Break (17th-25th)
20Mid-Semester/Term 1 grades due to Registrar
26Courses begin Term 2
26Academic Advising
29Deadline for Term 2 Add/Drop
30Deadline to Withdraw/Pass from Semester 1 Courses
November, 2015
2Registration for Spring (2nd-6th)
9Senior Letters for Dec grads due to Depart Chairs
9Term 1 Incomplete grades due to Registrar
23Deadline to Withdraw/Pass from Term 2 Courses
23Senior Letters for Dec grads due to Registrar
25Thanksgiving Break (25th-29th)
26Thanksgiving (paid holiday)
December, 2015
18Courses end Semester I/Term 2
18Deadline for Independent Study Proposals (to Registrar)
19Winter Break (December 19 - January 17)
19Residence halls close for Winter Break
22Semester I/Term 2 grades due to Registrar
25Christmas (paid holiday)
January, 2016
1New Year's Day (paid holiday)
3MFA Winter Residency (3rd-13th)
14New Student Orientation (14th-16th)
16Registration for New Students
17Residence halls open for continuing and readmitted students
18Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (paid holiday)
19Work Crew Meetings and MLK Activities
20Courses begin Semester II/Term 3
26Deadline for Semester II/Term 3 Add/Drop
February, 2016
3Semester I/Term 2 Incomplete grades to Registrar
12New and ST Course Proposals for 2016-17 due to Academic Affairs
15Book orders for Term 4 due to Bookstore
16Deadline for Withdraw/Pass from Term 3 Courses
18Board of Trustees Meeting (18th-20th)
19Summer School schedule proposal due to Academic Affairs
25Course schedule revisions for 2016-17 due to Registrar
29International Programs Week (February 29th - March 4)
March, 2016
11Courses end Term 3
12Spring Break (12th-20th)
15Book orders for Term 5 and 6 due to Bookstore
15Mid-Semester/Term 3 grades due to Registrar
21Courses resume Semester II/begin Term 4
24Deadline for Term 4 Add/Drop
25Deadline to Withdraw/Pass Semester II Courses
28Senior Letters for May grads due to Dept Chairs
30Book orders for MFA Summer Residency due to Bookstore
April, 2016
4Term 3 Incomplete grades due to Registrar
15Deadline for Withdraw/Pass from Term 4 Courses
15Book orders for Semester I/Term 1 (Fall 2016) due to Bookstore
18Registration Week for Fall Semester (18th-22nd)
18Senior Letters for May grads due to Registrar
18Registration Week for Summer and Fall Semester
28Board of Trustees Meeting (28th-30th)
May, 2016
12Courses end Semester II/Term 4
13Senior grades due to Registrar (by noon)
13Deadline for Independent Study Proposals (to Registrar Office)
13Semester II/Term 4 ends
13Honors & Awards Event
17All grades due to Registrar
30Memorial Day (paid holiday)
June, 2016
6Courses begin Term 5
8Deadline for Term 5 Add/Drop
16Deadline to Withdraw/Pass Term 5 Courses
29Courses end Term 5
30MFA Summer Residency (June 30th - July 9th) - tentative
July, 2016
4Independence Day (paid holiday)
5Courses begin Term 6
7Deadline for Term 6 Add/Drop
15Deadline to Withdraw/Pass Term 6 Courses
28Courses end Term 6
August, 2016
1Final grades dues for Terms 5 and 6