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Students at Warren Wilson College learn to appreciate work as an important and meaningful part of their lives. They approach their adult careers looking for more than just a way to pay the bills — many of them go on to enrich their communities and change the world.

In economic hard times, the Triad of Academics, Work and Service provide new Warren Wilson graduates with tools to get jobs or to continue their education at the graduate level. Unlike their peers from other schools, Warren Wilson alumni leave the College with several years of marketable work experience. Add in their service, and it’s obvious why 75% of Warren Wilson students reported being employed full-time within 6 months of graduation (and 13.5% were in graduate school) — even during a time of national recession and high unemployment. They are confident, their résumés are impressive, and they have learned social skills in our tight-knit community. Most importantly, our graduates leave with a deep sense of civic responsibility and the desire to make a difference. Their record of finding work is not only a sign that they are financially stable — it is a sign that they are helping everyone around them.

By supporting Warren Wilson College — as a student, a donor, or a friend — you are helping us educate compassionate, informed citizens who go on to succeed in meaningful careers and dedicate themselves to lifetimes of service. By supporting our College, you are participating in a singular educational experience and contributing to the good our graduates do in the world. What you do really matters.

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How We Make a Difference Together

Here are just a few of the many inspiring stories that we hear from our graudates.

Katie Spotz ‘08
Spokesperson for Blue Planet
Foundation & World Record Setter

Brownie Newman ‘02
Mayor Pro Tem of Asheville
Vice-President of FLS Energy

Jack Allison ‘63
Doctor, Musician, &
Medical Relief Volunteer

Sky Stephens ‘04
Forest Entomologist for
State of Colorado

Rebecca Rudicell ‘05
Researcher for SIM in

Barbara Decker ‘76
Agricultural Missionary

Charley Wilson ‘04
Founder of the Organic Mechanic

Robert Bailey ‘09
2nd Lieutenant, US Army

Chad Riley ‘00
Director of Finance & Strategy
for Living City Block

Leah Bauman-Smith ‘06
High School Teacher &
Outdoor Educator

William Hamilton ‘99
Farmland Program Director
for SAHC Conservancy

Justin Levy ‘08
Co-Director of Conscious Alliance
Hunger Relief on Indian Reservations

Rula Deeb ‘91
Environmental Engineer

Morgan Williams ‘08
Founder of Flux Farm Foundation

Nathan Ballentine ‘08
Urban Agricultural Entrepreneur
Founder of Tallahassee Food Gardens

Ricky Ochilo ‘09
Resident Asset Developer for
Low-Income Neighborhood Revitalization

Donna Kilpatrick ‘88
Livestock Manager for
Heifer International

Keri Parker ‘97
Wildlife Biologist

Sunshine Brosi ‘99
PhD and Assistant Professor
Ethnobotany, Wildlife and Fisheries

Pat Addabbo ‘08
Handicapped Youth Advocate

Karl Campbell ‘78
Author and Historian

Rob Danzman ‘99
Endurance Entrepreneur

Tony Earley ‘83

Katie Falkenberg ‘03

Eliza Lynn ‘00
Singer / Songwriter

Jessica Culpepper ‘04
Animal Welfare / Environmental Attorney

Kat Slager ‘06
Peace Corps

Philip Curry ‘95

Will Blozan ‘90

Fong Choo ‘88
Artist and Professor

Leila Jane Percy ‘79
State Representative

Ben Seymour ‘02
Teacher in Alaska

Anne Lalley ‘82
Singer / Songwriter

Daniel Shungu ‘65
Nonprofit Founder

Mark Adams ‘84
Genetic Researcher

Mickey Coleman ‘78

Joe Daprano ‘86

Molly Nicholie ‘99
Growing Minds and Food

Jim Proctor ‘80

Laura Gatewood Bliss ‘83
& Jon Bliss ‘86

Farmer, Minister, Teacher

Jamie Ager ‘00
Organic Meat Producer

Nicole Jacobs ‘99

Harry Atkins ‘56

Joshua Davidson ‘02
Market Analytics

Beth Hettrick Berry ‘84
Children’s Theatre

Susi Gott Séguret ‘84
Culinary Director