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Peace Corps Kat graduated from Warren Wilson in 2006 with a B.A. in Psychology. Following graduation, she immediately joined the Peace Corps as an Education Volunteer in Mauritania (West Africa). She is currently teaching middle school students English in a village on the banks of the Senegal River. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, photography, knitting pot-holders and traveling about Mauritania.

Kat is also involved in the Girls Empowerment Group, which is an initiative in Mauritania to educate girls, and to lessen the gender gap. About this she explains that her role so far is limited to working on encouraging and challenging the girls that she teaches. "It's amazing that in the high school and middle school here, I am the only female teacher... and the only professional female role model many of these girls will have."

When asked about her experience at Warren Wilson Kat replied, "WWC's work and service programs have really geared me up for this experience. Working on the Campus Support Crew building a green office building from the ground up, as well as tutoring in different classrooms around Asheville, have really given me a lot of invaluable experiences for teaching and surviving in rural Africa. Also, it was my professors at WWC that really inspired and encouraged me to be where I am today!"