Bonner Leaders

The Warren Wilson College Bonner Program

What is the Bonner Leaders Work Crew?

The Warren Wilson Bonner program is supported in part through the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation, which provides funding, training and technical assistance to community service and service-learning scholarship and leadership programs at colleges and universities across the eastern United States. The mission of the Bonner Foundation is to transform the lives of students, their campuses and local communities through providing access to education, and the experience to serve.

15-20 Warren Wilson students participate on the crew, and their efforts are centralized through the College’s Service Program. As a crew in the Warren Wilson College Work Program, students dedicate 15 hours per week to the establishment and leadership of community engagement activities such as co-curricular and service-learning projects, alternative break trips and issue education workshops.
NOTE: This is a leadership program, not a scholarship.

The Bonner Leaders Crew

The Bonner Leaders Work Crew is made up students who act as the representatives of the Service Program to the rest of the campus. Responsibilities of crew members include:

  • Provide information and resources to the campus community concerning social and environmental issues.
  • Work in a specific issue area to organize, promote and facilitate community engagement activities such as weekly direct service trips, issue workshops, and other on-going volunteer opportunities. The issue areas are: Environment, Food Security, Race & Immigration, Housing & Homelessness, and Youth & Education.
  • Maintain communication with community agencies and build positive partnerships.
  • Coordinate on campus events and educational programming.
  • The crew has a 2 year commitment.

All crew members participate in the Bonner Community Leadership Program, which offers a wide range of trainings throughout the year and provides opportunities off campus, including conferences and summer internships. Students also have access to the Bonner AmeriCorps award.

What are some of the benefits of the Bonner Program?

  • Participating in a dynamic two-year leadership program.
  • Ability to join Bonner AmeriCorps and receive up to two, 2-year AmeriCorps Education Awards worth $2300 each (optional).
  • Engaging with the community outside of WWC up to 10 hours each week.
  • Gaining professional skills.
  • Being a part of a national movement of students connected to social justice, service and civic engagement.
  • Opportunities to receive a summer internship stipend with a national or international non-profit organization.
  • Attending state and national service-learning conferences.

Bonner: The Basics

Each Bonner will:

  • Serve on the Bonner Leaders work crew for at least two years.
  • Participate in trainings during the fall semester.
  • Complete a group service trip with other Bonners in the program.
  • Participate in an exchange with another regional Bonner campus (second year students).
  • Strive to fulfill the Bonner Common Commitments.
  • Apply for a summer internship stipend with a national or international non-profit organization (optional).
  • Make satisfactory academic progress and conduct themselves on and off the campus in a manner that respectfully represents the College and the Bonner Program.

Bonner and the WWC Work Program

A Bonner at Warren Wilson will be placed in the Service Program office as their work crew assignment, and will work a total of 15 hours each week. Bonners spend part of their 15 hours of work in the office, and the rest of their crew time in the larger community participating in and leading service projects offered to the entire student body. The crew also designs and creates special events on campus to raise awareness around social justice issues such as HIV/AIDS, diversity education, and environmental concerns.

How can I become a Bonner Service Crew Member?

Applications for current students are available HERE. Applications for incoming students (new to WWC) are available HERE. Applications should be emailed to Shuli Archer, Director of Student Engagement, at

Generally, students must have a demonstrated commitment to service in order to become a Bonner. We accept new crew members only at the start of the academic year. Applicants will be asked to include two references from people who have seen you working in group situations, working with children, or with whom you have worked closely. Applicants will also undergo an interview process with service staff.

Want to know more?

We welcome the opportunity to connect. Contact Shuli Arieh Archer, Director of Student Engagement via phone (828-771-3775) or email ( We highly recommend that you visit our campus so that we can meet you and introduce you in person to the current Bonners. For campus visits, please contact Monique Cote at the Office of Admission, 1-800-934-3536, and tell her that you are interested in the Bonner program.
Feel free to stop by the Service Program Office at Ransom House to talk with the staff and crew!