Diversity and Intercultural Initiatives

Obie Ford
Obie Ford III, Director of Wilson Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Office (WIDE)

About WIDE

  • Mission & Vision
    • The Wilson Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (WIDE) Office empowers underrepresented student populations through mentorship, advocacy, community, and identity affirmation.
    • WIDE produces intentional and varied learning opportunities for all Warren Wilson students (faculty, and staff) to: develop an appreciation for diversity and different perspectives, enhance self-awareness, increase multicultural knowledge, and strengthen intercultural understanding.


  • Heritage Months
    • Hispanic & Latino American Heritage
    • American Indian & Indigenous Heritage
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
    • Black History Month
    • Asian – Pacific American Heritage
  • WIDE Pride Week
  • International Festival
  • WIDE Graduation


Education, Advocacy, Outreach

  • Real WIDE Talk Series
  • Diversity Trainings
  • I Am Wilson Project
  • Tea Time
  • The Dream Tank


Student Organizations

  • Engage:
    • Engage is a mentorship program for students who self-identify as a person of color and/or a person from an underrepresented community. Incoming students are matched with peers familiar with Warren Wilson. Connected by shared and/or lived experience, Engage members meet individually with their mentors and gather as a group for educational and social events that develop lasting friendships among peers. Participants learn valuable strategies for success in academics, work, service, and life at Warren Wilson College and beyond.
    • Wilson’s Herman@s Orgullos@s en Las Americas is a multicultural student group that seeks to promote cultural relativism by addressing the diversity of the Latino community at large. By considering the experience of the Western North Carolina community, we strive to understand the structural inequalities that affect Latinos on a national level. Through our collaboration with local Latino and activist organizations, we hope to engage the Warren Wilson student body through conscious social events, direct service, community outreach, and activism.