Information for Families

Warren Wilson College encourages students to study abroad and offers special funding and support. Family members are likely to be closely involved in a student's study abroad experience from the initial planning stages to welcoming them home after the completion of their program. Without your support, both emotional and financial, study abroad would not be feasible for most students. We trust that you will discuss this opportunity with your Warren Wilson student. We believe that the decision to travel or not should be a collective one made within the family.

Although most of the information on our website is geared towards students, we encourage you to browse the pages and related links to learn more about study abroad opportunities and the resources available to our students. We have found that families in particular often have questions about financial aid, insurance, and health and safety issues. We strive to provide a range of affordable, high-quality options for students, and we work closely with students to find programs that fit their family's particular financial situation. The safety and security of our students is of paramount importance to us. International Programs staff monitor developments around the world and in the US, closely follow information from the US Deparment of State and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and receive information from our partner institutions and professional colleagues around the world. We believe that our students will be safe and that travel to our overseas sites is safe.

We encourage you to talk with your students about their thoughts and concerns around study abroad and to contact our office with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support of study abroad. We look forward to a great experience as we wish your student "bon voyage."

Resources for Families

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