Financial Aid/Study Abroad Questions

If you have financial aid and are considering participating in study abroad while at WWC, please understand that depending on the program you choose, your current aid may not be applied to the cost of your study abroad program.

Warren Wilson Study Abroad Programs

Warren Wilson College offers numerous, affordable semester and year-long study abroad programs. When you participate in these Warren Wilson programs you will remain registered at WWC, pay Warren Wilson tuition, and maintain all of your financial aid including WWC scholarships, institutional, state and federal grants, and loans up to the cost of WWC tuition. You will not be awarded funding for WWC work because you will not be working, but the rest of your aid can be applied to your tuition during yoursemester or year abroad with these programs.

Warren Wilson Cooperative Agreement with SIT and CIEE

If you receive federal and/or state aid, you may choose to participate in a School for International Training (SIT) or selected CIEE study abroad program, while remaining enrolled as a Warren Wilson student. However, you will pay program fees directly to SIT or CIEE, not to WWC. You will not receive WWC scholarships, WWC grants, or work as part of your financial aid, but your federal loans, federal grants, limited state money and private educational loans may be applied to your costs with SIT or CIEE. In addition, your continued enrollment at WWC will keep all of your educational loans in an “in-school” deferment status. You must meet all SIT or CIEE deadlines. Students must also pay an administrative fee to Warren Wilson to remain enrolled.

Non-Warren Wilson Study Abroad Programs

With prior academic approval, students may take an official Leave of Absence (LOA) to participate in a US-accredited, non-Warren Wilson study abroad program. If you choose this option, you will not be eligible for any financial aid (institutional, federal, or state) through Warren Wilson College since you will not be registered as a student at WWC. Taking an official LOA allows you to return as a continuing student at WWC, register for classes on time, and maintain eligibility for potential scholarship renewal.

Loan Repayment

Please note that if you choose a non-Warren Wilson study abroad program and study abroad while on an LOA from WWC, any federal student loans you have will enter repayment after a six-month grace period. The six-month grace period begins with your last day of class attendance at WWC. Only when you are enrolled as a student at least half-time in a degree-seeking program will the loans be deferred. Keep in mind that once used, you will have lost the grace period on these loans and will have to begin repayment as soon as you are no longer at least a half-time student in a degree-seeking program.

Private educational loans may also become due and payable. Check with your lender.

Study Abroad Financial Aid

The International Programs Office will advise students about scholarships and other special programs and opportunities for WWC students. There is some aid specifically designated for study abroad programs. The Financial Resources section of the WWC International Programs website has more information about scholarship opportunities. Once you have been accepted into a WWC semester or year abroad program or received approval to participate in a non-WWC study abroad program, the International Programs Office will notify the Financial Aid Office about your plans and the Financial Aid Office will reevaluate your eligibility for aid. Please begin the process early, at least six months in advance, so you will not be caught off-guard by the cost of your program or the lack of financial aid to support your study abroad costs.

If your Study Abroad application includes forms that require information and signatures from the Financial Aid Office, it is imperative that you bring these documents to us well before the deadline (no less than two weeks). The Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee that we will be able to complete and submit the form within your deadline if it is turned in late or on the day it is due.

Stop by the Financial Aid Office for more information about how your aid will be affected by your study abroad experience. To find out more about what study abroad programs are available, visit or stop by the International Programs Office in lower Laursen.