When you travel, it is very important to have insurance that covers you should you be ill or injured while abroad.

If you are a WWC study abroad participant, you will be asked to verify that you have health insurance coverage abroad. Please check your current health insurance policy to see if it provides coverage outside the U.S. (most standard insurance plans do not).  In certain cases, the college may provide limited insurance for students traveling on college sponsored programs, but we advise all students to seek personal travel insurance.  

If you are not traveling as part of a Warren Wilson program, you will be responsible for purchasing your own insurance. There are several policies geared especially for the student traveler that are very affordable ($30-$60 per month) that offer good, basic coverage. There is further travel insurance information on the State Department's website here. You may also contact the International Programs Office for more information about travel insurance providers. Remember to apply for insurance at least a few weeks prior to travel to allow time for the company to process your information.

When shopping for insurance, ask yourself these questions: