Program and Travel Policies

All students are encouraged to read these policies carefully before applying for a WWC study abroad program.

International Programs Policies

1. Appropriate Conduct for and Early Dismissal from  the Program: Participants in the Warren Wilson College study and travel abroad programs are required to exhibit appropriate conduct while participating in the program. Students who fail to participate and perform adequately in the on-campus portion of the course (based on the judgment  of the course leader) will not be allowed to travel. This policy  includes completing course assignments and orientation  procedures. During the travel portion of the program,  the course leader or program provider has full authority  to determine the appropriateness of participants’ conduct  based on local law, regulations, customs, program rules and schedules. Dismissal means that a participant may be sent  home early, will receive a failing grade, and will be billed for  all costs associated with the unscheduled early return. All students applying for Warren Wilson College study abroad programs are charged a non-refundable application fee.
2. Drop/Add: Participants who drop or withdraw from  a study abroad course after the date specified by the  International Programs Office will forfeit any ascertainable costs (i.e. costs may include airline cancellation fees,  lodging fees and/or prepaid program fees, etc.) incurred on their behalf. Students who drop out of the program 15 or fewer weeks prior to departure will also be charged an administrative fee. If a student drops out of the program after the drop/add period, he/she must provide a written notice to the Director of International Programs in the International Programs Office. Participants will be held accountable for the entire cost of the program until official program cancellation approval is received in writing by Warren Wilson College. In the event of withdrawal even for reasons beyond the control of the student, he/she will remain accountable for all non-recoverable costs incurred prior to withdrawal. Warren Wilson College or its representatives are entitled to cancel the program, to make changes in the program, or to make changes to the itinerary, without penalty, as conditions warrant.
3. Insurance Coverage: Participants must have adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage caused or suffered while participating in the program, and will agree to bear the costs of any such injury or damage and assume the risk of any medical or physical condition. Warren Wilson College has no obligation to provide insurance for participation in the program, but may assist in offering appropriate insurance coverage through an external provider.
4. Medical Treatment: Participants will complete the “Medical History Student Self Evaluation,” “Medical Release Emergency Contact Information,” and “Medical History Physical Exam” forms as evidence of travel health readiness. In the event of illness or injury, the course instructor, program provider or other official representative of Warren Wilson College will secure necessary medical treatment and will authorize medical treatment recommended by a health care professional, including but not limited to surgery and the administration of an anesthetic. Participants will accept all financial responsibility for such treatment. All health, accident, disability and  hospitalization costs are the responsibility of the participant.
5. Foreign Laws and Illegal Substances: Participants will be subject to the laws of the country in which the course is set. In particular, the possession or use of illegal drugs is no more acceptable in a foreign culture than in our own and is treated as a serious criminal offense. Illegal activities place not only the individual but also the group and the program in jeopardy. Drugs will not be tolerated. Inebriety will not be tolerated. In a foreign country, the US Embassy cannot obtain release from jail for a US
citizen, and will aid only in obtaining legal assistance.
6. Free Time: At the end of a program and occasionally during the program, students may have the opportunity to travel independently at their own expense and responsibility, as long as they return to campus for at least one semester following their time abroad. They will agree to inform the program staff and course instructors of their plans for safety purposes.
7. Theft and Other Crimes: Participants will agree to release Warren Wilson College and its representatives from any liability for damage to or loss of possessions, injury, illness or death arising or resulting from crimes in which the student may have been the victim during the period of the program.
8. Travel: Participants will be traveling during the program by various modes of transportation including but not limited to plane, boat, train, bus, van or car, and will release Warren Wilson College and its representatives from any responsibility for loss of property, injury or death during such travel.
9. Accountability: Participants in the program will be held accountable for all program fees and will understand that an official hold may be placed on records until all payment responsibilities are fulfilled.
10. Release and Waiver of Liability: Since participation in the study abroad Program involves risks of personal and bodily injury, illness or loss of personal property, participants will be asked to agree to assume the risks of the off-campus programs and release, discharge, and covenant not to sue and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Warren Wilson College and its officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims, demands, rights, and causes of action of whatever kind or nature arising from, and by reason of any and all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen bodily and personal injuries including death, and damages to or loss of property resulting from their participation in this program.
11. Release of Information: The participant will authorize release of information in his or her records to determine suitability for participation in the program. Such information may be shared with program staff, faculty or appropriate professionals, only if pertinent to the program or the safety of related personnel or participants.
12. Probation: Students will be ineligible to register for or participate in study abroad Programs if on academic, work, service or social/disciplinary probation, or are otherwise not in good standing. A student must have a GPA of at least 2.5 to participate in the program.
13. Forms: Participants will complete in timely fashion “An Off-Campus Activities Acceptance, Release and Waiver;” “Pre-Travel Policies Statement;” “Medical History Student Self Evaluation;” “Medical Release Emergency Contact Information;” “Medical History Physical Exam;” and other forms related specifically to travel. They will have their valid passport in hand at least one term before the travel, and where required, a visa for the country to which they are traveling. At the end of the travel segment students are expected to complete evaluation forms. Students studying abroad for a semester or longer are required to be in contact periodically with International Programs staff during their time off campus.

Travel Policies

Our Guiding Principles:

• The International Programs Office strives to serve students fairly and equitably.

• The International Programs Office strives to be responsive to study abroad course instructors and to student needs while maintaining the high standards of the academy in education abroad, especially regarding academic integrity and safe and responsible practices.

• The International Programs Office strives to implement consistent and practical systems to serve the Warren Wilson College community.

1. All study abroad courses and programs bear academic credit and operate both on campus and in the field, frequently operating outside the normal academic calendar when the college is not in session.

2. Each study abroad course has a defined port of departure, a beginning and an end place and date. Students normally are informed of the estimated ports of departure and reentry as early as possible prior to travel.

 3. The International Programs Office is not obliged to provide transportation to points beyond the group’s return flight port of entry (examples might include a student’s home in Cleveland, Asheville, the WWC grounds, or a student’s first vacation stop in London). Individual study abroad students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements, including obtaining all necessary personal documentation and tickets.

4. When possible, the International Programs Office purchases group air tickets that allow students to travel independently after study abroad course travel is completed. This option is not always feasible depending on ticket types, the location of the study, or academic schedule constraints. Requests for individual travel prior to the start of the group travel departure will not be honored.

5. The International Programs Office and affiliated program providers are not obliged to tailor individual itineraries for personal travel desires. If time permits, International Programs staff may provide assistance to individuals regarding personal travel plans. However it is ultimately each traveler’s responsibility to make arrangements for travel following or preceding a study abroad course or group college program through direct contact with airlines, travel agents and other service providers. If program schedulespermit, several months prior to travel, the International Programs Office may distribute “Flight Information Request” forms to course travelers that indicate estimated travel dates and anticipated ports of departure and reentry. If return travel deviations are possible given the program itinerary, travelers must complete and return these forms indicating individual return travel requests that are different from those assigned for the group. Travelers are responsible for paying additional fees associated with their personal flight variations upon submission of the request and before travel. No changes will be made to tickets without written request to the International Programs Office and are not permitted within two weeks prior to the start of group travel.

6. Program participants are required to be enrolled at Warren Wilson College in the semester prior to traveling for registration, course participation and orientation purposes, as well as in the semester following travel or study abroad to complete course work, reflection and other needs. Students failing to comply with enrollment policies will be subject to financial penalties and incomplete records. International Programs staff periodically reviews the status of all applicants and program participants to ascertain that they are in good standing.

7. The International Programs Office reserves the right at any time to change rules, regulations, policies, and practices. It is the student’s responsibility to learn the rules and regulations of the program. Requests for exception to any of these policies must be made in writing to the Director of International Programs.

Enrollment Requirements

• One semester enrollment in the period directly prior to the study abroad course or program.
• One semester enrollment directly after short-term course travel or study abroad program.

Space Available Policy

Students who do not meet qualifications for program participation due to too few credits, previous participation, or missing previous program opportunities, are encouraged to request application on a space available basis. Applicants must be in good standing, have approval of International Programs staff, course instructors or administrators, pay associated fees, and agree to meet all program requirements.

WWC Policy on External Study Abroad Programs

       Students who are interested in participating in pre-approved, external (non-Warren Wilson) study abroad programs such as SIT, CIEE, or other US-accredited international programs may be eligible for some financial benefits and support from the International Programs Office. This policy is not retroactive. Generally, it is advisable for a student to begin planning for off-campus study one year in advance. The conditions for obtaining International Programs support towards an external program are as follows:

o       The student must have the external program approved by his or her Academic Advisor, Accounts Receivable, the Registrar, and the Director of International Programs during the semester prior to his or her participation. The deadline for completing this approval process is March 1 for the following fall or summer programs and October 1 for the following winter or spring programs.

o       The student must be a second-semester sophomore, junior or first semester senior at the time of program participation, in good standing with the College, have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, and returning to WWC for at least one semester prior to graduation.

o       If participating in a fall or spring semester program, the student must file an official leave of absence form for the period away from WWC and pay a leave of absence or, (as in the case of partner programs such as SIT or specific CIEE programs), an administrative fee.

o       Although students may receive some reimbursement toward study abroad expenses from the International Programs Office, they should be aware that regular financial aid typically does not transfer with them when they enroll in an external program. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office for more details.

o       Students must complete the academic program in a country outside of the United States, and studies must be predominantly focused on intercultural issues, foreign languages, and other topics of study that draw on non-U.S. perspectives and voices.

o       It is the sole responsibility of the student to provide adequate printed information to the International Programs Office so that WWC faculty and staff will be able to make a decision regarding external program course acceptance and credit equivalencies.

o       Upon the student’s return to WWC and the successful transfer of credits to WWC, the student must request financial reimbursement by presenting a non-official copy of his or her WWC transcript indicating the credit transfer, receipts for costs incurred during the program up to  the previously agreed reimbursable amount, and a completed program evaluation form. After verifying the information, the Director of International Programs will notify the WWC Accounting Office to post a credit to the students’ account, or issue a check to the student or his or her family address as requested.

o       The financial reimbursement for external programs will be a maximum of $1000 and may be adjusted to a lesser amount depending on the number of transfer credits the student has prior to enrollment in the program, and/or the number of semesters the student has completed at WWC.

o       Any reimbursement that a student receives is seperate from regular WWC tuition and/or fees. Students are solely responsible for paying WWC tuition in full in a timely manner.

o       A student obtaining reimbursement will not be eligible for further financial support from the International Programs Office.

o       Only returned students who have been re-admitted and are currently enrolled in Warren Wilson College are eligible for reimbursement. Students will not be reimbursed after they have graduated.