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Sara Benincasa ’05

Sara BenincasaMajor: Creative Writing
Work Crew: Heavy Duty/ Res Life/ Cowpie/ Writing Center
Service: Outreach Center for Migrant Workers
Current Job: Freelance Editor/ Comedy Writer

“I was a terrible janitor on the Maintenance Crew my first year at Wilson. In my second year, I was an R.A. in Sunderland. I also worked at the Cowpie Cafe for extra money, and was a member of the Writing Crew.”

Sara Benincasa is a successful author, comedian, and television writer who travels the country today to speak to college students about mental health, suicide prevention and good self-care. “If I remember correctly, there is a brick outside the work program office that reads, ‘You saved me.’ I think this is true for a lot of people who end up at Wilson,” Sara says. She attributes some of her success to the great work ethic Wilson has given her along with some luck in breaking into the entertainment field.

In addition to freelancing as an editor, she blogs for Wonkette and Comedy Central’s political humor site, Indecision Forever, part of the Daily Show/Colbert Report brand. Sara has authored  Agorafabulous!  and the upcoming young adult novel GREAT! Now Agorafabulous! Is in the works to be produced into a television pilot from writer/producer Diable Cody and actor Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Production Company.