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Jan 25, 2024Feb 24, 2024

Conversation Through Craft

The Elizabeth Holden Gallery at Warren Wilson College (WWC) will feature Conversation Through Craft which showcases the stories and works of local Southern Highland Craft Guild members- Mike Hatch (glass), Erica Bailey (metal),  Neal Howard (fiber) and Kristin Schoonover (ceramics).  Along with exhibited works, this display includes student interviews with these local makers that explores the question “how do objects and materials tell stories?” Warren Wilson College is an educational member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, an arts organization that represents over 800 Appalachian makers.  

Since 1930, the Southern Highland Craft Guild has worked to educate the region on the importance and history of craft through demonstrations, special events, craft fairs, and retail shops.  Advocating for the value of design and function in craft,  they provide opportunities for members to build and market their work, fostering life-long creative livelihoods.  The Guild cultivates community, preserves heritage, deepens appreciation, and has helped shape the creative economy in our region for nearly 100 years.  

This exhibition will be on view in the Holden Arts Center (701 Warren Wilson Rd.) from Jan. 25th to Feb. 24th, 2024. Participating makers will host demonstrations throughout the exhibition. To find out more about this exhibition please visit our website at

Artist links:

Mike Hatch

Neal Howard

Kristin Schoonover

Erica Bailey