The National Leader
for Learning in Action

We promise you empowerment—through learning for the mind, experience for the heart, and community for the soul. Our Progressive Promise stands on the following pillars: 

  • Advance Curricular Innovation and Deepen Experiential Learning
    Our courses are designed for learning in action. Every major includes a sequence of at least five courses that integrate theory with experience.
  • Ensure Access, Inclusion, and Student Success
    As a place dedicated to radical inclusion, we foster student success so graduates may contribute to their communities and the world.
  • Achieve Sustainability and Better Outcomes for All
    Our living and learning community extends to Asheville and beyond through engagement with community partners. We connect the College and region—strengthening both.

Empowering Through Education

  • How You’ll Learn: Hands-on learning to build real-world skills and confidence.
  • Where You’ll Learn: On the land and in the city, in local and global communities—in places of bio and human diversity.
  • Who We’ll Educate: You and everyone else—because we are affordable, accepting, and affirmative—a place of radical inclusion within a pluralistic community.
  • Why We Educate: To empower you in service to the common good.

A Student-Centered Legacy

We are rekindling the progressive principles on which our College was built. Through learning by doing—in the classroom, in our work program, and in our communities—you will gain tools and confidence to advance individual purpose in service to the common good.

Every Student. Every Major.

At Warren Wilson, every major incorporates experiential, project-based learning throughout. No matter what major you choose, you will

  • solve real-world problems with community partners through community engagement courses and commitments,
  • complete an internship along with a professional skills course within your major, and gain experience on our campus work crews,
  • and finish a Senior Capstone experience with undergraduate research or a culminating creative project.