The Environment

Do you care about land conservation, climate change, or environmental justice? If you choose to explore the Environment as an Issue Area, you’ll take direct action, provide education, and work for policy change that addresses the health of our planet. You’ll benefit from our long-standing dedication to environmental and sustainability programs, providing you access to organizations making a difference for our planet right now.

Engaging On Campus

The opportunities for engaging in the Environment Issue Area begin here on our very own campus, where you’ll compost your food scraps, go to class in LEED-certified buildings, and live in our nationally-recognized EcoDorm. On-campus opportunities include:


Conservation Biology community-engaged course, where students learned to communicate to the public about why conservation is important, resulting in written pieces that supported the work of Friends of Big Ivy.

Undergraduate Research

Max Mandler researched the combustion of locally sourced waste vegetable oil within a ceramics kiln in collaboration with Jackson County Green Energy Park, an organization dedicated to using renewable energy resources in the arts.

Your Work Crew

As a member of the Chemistry Crew, you’ll partner with a local elementary school to teach students through hands-on labs.

Engaging Off Campus

Your engagement in environmental issues extends off-campus as well. Your off-campus opportunities might include experiences like:


You’ll have the chance to teach environmental and ecology lessons to local 3rd graders in public schools.

FernWay Farm

You’ll help maintain educational pollinator and accessible sensory gardens and deliver educational content to youth from Asheville.