Race & Immigration

By diving deeply into our Race & Immigration Issue Area, you’ll gain an understanding of the effects of racial injustice and current immigration practices, and work with organizations who address oppression through their commitment to empowerment, inclusion and diversity.

Engagement Opportunities

The opportunities for engaging in the Race & Immigration Issue Area are complex and multi-dimensional, providing vast opportunities for increasing your understanding. Experiences have  included:

  • Spanish Community-Engaged Classes: Partner with Latinx(é) youth and adults to practice using your knowledge and skills while deepening your understanding about immigrant identity, heritage and culture, and the immigrant paradox
  • UMOJA Health, Wellness & Justice Collective: Offer mentoring and tutoring through an afterschool program entitled HOPE 4 the Future, which provides trauma-informed care for local students of color.
  • Break Trip: The Realities of the American Dream Break Trip helped students collaborate with Americus Mennonite Fellowship, Alterna Community, Koinonia Farm and the Fuller Center. Students drew connections between historical and contemporary racial inequality, learning about the complexities of the modern debate around immigration


Doing the Work

Miron Golfman ’17 created a short film that looks at the role of white activists in social justice work.

Student works with children at Pine Ridge

Through the PRISM

The relationship between Warren Wilson and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation was student-initiated and continues to gain momentum on campus and beyond. Since 2007, six groups from the College have spent a week learning and serving on the Reservation. Through an immersive educational experience, you’ll gain an understanding of the social, historical and economic context of pressing poverty and infrastructural need while also experiencing the incredible strengths and cultural beauty found on the Reservation.

Shiloh Community Garden

Shiloh Community Association

The community of Shiloh, a biblical name generally denoting the Messiah, or the Peaceful One, is located in south Asheville. Shiloh is a historically African-American community that has been continuously inhabited since the late 1880’s. The vision of the Shiloh Community Association is to cultivate and promote cooperative relationships, harmonious growth and development, health, educational, and residential programs for children, quality housing developments, and good citizenship. Warren Wilson students frequently serve in Shiloh’s community garden.

Fergerson Protests


Following the murder of Eric Garner, 200 people marched in solidarity at Warren Wilson and dozens of student activists, including Delilah Scott ’16 attended an Asheville protest event. Black Lives Matter activism also included student trips to Ferguson, MO and Charlotte, NC to participate in demonstrations. Many of these trips are done in partnership with faculty.