To record & listen:

  • Hold power button in down position until recorder lights up.
  • “Enter” through any prompts. (If you get one about connecting to WiFi, you can say no to that one).
  • Press “Record” — red lights will flash.
  • Press “Record” again, the lights will turn solid — YOU ARE RECORDING!
  • If you want to pause your recording, press “Record” (the red lights should be flashing); press “Record” again to resume.
  • When you are done recording, press the button with the square/HOME.
  • You can then press the play button (the right arrow under the HOME button) to play the file you just recorded (best to listen with headphones).


To download the recordings to your computer:

  • Connect to computer with provided USB cable.
  • Turn recorder on.
  • Select “Storage”
  • Open the device on your computer (will show as an external drive)
  • Open the “music” folder, and you can drag and drop files.
  • Eject the device from your computer and turn it off by holding down on the power button until it turns off.