We believe in helping students to develop the skills necessary to be successful learners. Within a supportive environment that fosters intellectual growth, students work collaboratively and one-on-one with support staff to achieve academic success by:

  • gaining an understanding of learning behaviors.
  • mastering learning strategies that can be applied to general knowledge acquisition or specific course work.
  • getting connected with campus resources to assist students throughout their learning experiences at Warren Wilson College.

One-on-one peer tutoring is available in Biology, Chemistry, Math, Spanish, and English as a Second or Other Language. You can also reach out to the center to request a tutor for classes that are not included in this list.

Professor Jeff Holmes meeting with student

College Academic Strategies Course

The focus for the College Academic Strategies course is to explore the learning terrain through an individualized learning process. You’ll be paired with an instructor who will work with you to define and address areas of need and interest that will enhance your college academic experience. Topics covered might include goal setting and prioritizing, time management, focus strategies, exam preparation, and course scheduling support.