It takes a village to feed any community – especially a college campus. Students on the Dining Crew are the backbone of our Gladfelter Cafeteria – prepping, baking, cleaning, washing, serving. Often working closely with the Recycling and Local Foods Crews, the Dining Crew provides the fuel for the campus – while maintaining one of the top sustainable dining programs in the country.

It’s no surprise that I learned about food service and customer service working with Dining. However, what I really learned was how to be a reliable and dependable coworker. […] My work was important and it was crucial that I respected my team and my community by doing my best. Working on Dining means that you get to try new work every day. Of course there is a lot of washing dishes and wiping down tables. But I liked learning how to make salad dressings, how to prep the pizza station and salad bar, how to make pizzas!, how to restock the ice cream (so vital), and so much more.

Ellen Graves

My first year at Warren Wilson College, I was one of the first to work the pizza station in Gladfelter. I became known as ‘Pizza Pat’ to friends, faculty, staff, my supervisors, and eventually my family. It became part of my identity at Warren Wilson. The experience of being Pizza Pat my first year really eased my anxiety of being in a new school and place. Warren Wilson is so small it is easy to have a strong relationship with a faculty or staff member. Everyone is connected.

Patrick Downing ’16, Social Work Major

Supervisor Spotlight

Osborne Guy

Graduated from Warren Wilson College in 1998 with a degree in Business and Psychology. Osborne has worked with Sodexo and the Dining Crew while he was a student and has continued to work with the dining crew.

Learning Outcomes

You’ll spend years working alongside your peers and mentored by supervisors. Part of the experience of work at Warren Wilson is guided critical reflection, which helps ensure that you achieve both your own educational goals as well as our Common Learning Outcomes. These intentional learning outcomes distinguish our work program, giving it focus and relevancy that set it apart from federal work study or your average part-time job. Specifically, our Common Learning Outcomes are:

  • Dependability: reliability, accountability, and the ability to successfully manage your time
  • Integrity: trustworthiness and respect for transparent honesty
  • Initiative: self-control, the ability to evaluate situations, and motivation to carry out responsibilities
  • Analytical Thinking: working with available resources to creatively address issues and solve problems
  • Communication: the ability to convey information effectively and build community with others
  • Collaboration: collaborate with peers to achieve common goals
  • Appreciation of the Value of All Work: an understanding of your place in the working world, and a respect for the dignity of all work

Learning and Performance Goals

In addition to our Common Learning Outcomes, each crew in the Work Program identifies crew-specific goals for learning and performance. These are reviewed with you each semester. The Learning and Performance Goals outline skills and abilities the supervisor will teach during the semester.