Ashlyn Neas-McCaul ’13 and John McCaul (2013-14 International Student)

We met at a party in September 2013 while both attending Warren Wilson College. John, from Northern Ireland, was participating in the Study USA program while Ashlyn was finishing her degree. A whirlwind romance followed, and we got engaged in Washington, D.C.

Julie (Shaw) Hasfjord ’99 and Jon Hasfjord ’99

Julie was playing guitar in the hallway of her dorm when Jon sat down to listen and told her he’d never seen anyone finger-pick like she did. He asked her to join his Tae Kwon Do class, she showed him some new moves on his guitar. We fell in love.

Melanie A Kemp ’12 and Joshua Hubing-Cooper ’11

We met on our first day at WWC through our first-year seminar. A conversation was had about our shared love of the Beatles, and the rest is history.

Bethany Hagberg ’99 and Jesse Hagberg ’00

We met while at WWC and have been together for 20 years. We have been married for 14 of those and have two wild and spunky children. We know it’s love, because we lived on a sailboat for a year, and we still like each other.

Karen Sutton Harris ’79 and Greg Harris ’76

We met at WWC when Karen was a freshman and Greg a senior, fell in love when we both performed in the “’76 Spectacular” musical held in the Chapel, and got married in 1977.

Sumitava Chatterjee ’94 and Tina Marie Massciangioli ’92

We were smitten while playing ping-pong at Gladfelter during the summer of 1991. In 1994, we exchanged rings under a tree along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Tina was the sweetest girl Sumi had ever met, and 27 years later she is still the same.

Chloe Stuber ’11 and José Alonso “Zo” Jiménez ’11

We were both planning to visit our mutual friend Dylan Johnston ’11 in Brevard. We didn’t know each other, but Dylan encouraged us to carpool. We had a great conversation the whole ride out there and almost five years later we live in Charleston, SC, pursuing our dreams together!

Lalah (Payne) Kline ’63 and Roger Kline ’62

While we met at WWC, we never “went together” on campus. We got better acquainted while we were both graduate students at the University of Kentucky. In August 2017, we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with our three children, their spouses, and two grandchildren.

Sheree Andrews ’07 and David Andrews ’06

We started dating at WWC in 2005 and it took Dave five years to propose. He got down on one knee on top of Molly’s Knob, the highest peak in Hungry Mother State Park, Virginia. When our daughter was born in 2017, we named her Molly Jane Andrews after that beautiful mountain.

John McDermott ’11 and Jessie Howard ’12

We met on a blind date in Black Mountain, went on a hike, and realized we had both been Outdoor Educational Rangers through Warren Wilson’s Environmental Education Internship Program. Jessie even used the course curriculum notebook John had left behind to do her lesson plans and backpacking routes.

Erin Pesut ’10 and Gabriel Sistare ’11

We first spent time together watching “Newsies” with a few friends in the Village. At some point during the movie, Erin put her hand on Gabriel’s shoulder and said, “I’m so glad you’re here!” We ate at Zambra’s downtown on our first date and closed the restaurant down. That was that.

Martha Eberle ’07 and Andrew Radecki ’03

We reconnected years after graduating from Warren Wilson during a brief stint as neighbors in Asheville one summer. Thanks to all the other WWC alumni living on George Washington Carver Avenue for helping bring us together!

Merry Henn ’91 and Bruce MacDonald ’89

We met in the College Choir and were together from 1987 to 1992. When Merry moved back to Asheville in 2017, Bruce invited her to view the solar eclipse. Who can resist the romance in a rare cosmic event?

Erin (Eller) Jones ’98 and Jerry Jones ’00

We met through Jerry’s roommate, but we didn’t start dating until after Erin left WWC. We got engaged on Work Day in 1999 and were married in the Chapel the day after his graduation in 2000.

Morgan Steele ’13 and Zachary Dykeman ’14

We met as baby Owls in 2010 when we both lived in Sunderland. Seven years later, we’ve lived all over the country, been on countless adventures, and it’s all because Wilson brought us together!

Andy Cotarelo ’97 and Alison Cotarelo ’97

“Hey babe, let’s go moooshing down at the pond! Owl go anywhere with you!” We are celebrating 20 years of marriage in October and 10 years in agricultural ministry serving at ECHO Global Farm in Fort Myers, FL.

Nora White ’14 and Connor Carman ’16

We went on our first date two days after Valentine’s Day, because Nora mistakenly accused Connor of sending her an anonymous valentine in her campus mailbox. He hadn’t sent it, but Nora decided to ask him out anyway!

Hannah (McMerriman) Webber ’14 and Sam Webber ’15

We met in Dave Ellum’s Intro to Environmental Studies class in 2011 and then forgot about each other for a few years. We wound up having a business class together in Hannah’s senior year. We got engaged at the Old Farmer’s Ball, and we got married in 2016.

Elvi (Loos) Keppel ’04 and Bertram Keppel ’05

We met in 2004 in an economics class, but we lost touch when Elvi graduated that summer. After reconnecting on Facebook in 2013, we met in person in Asheville. We both knew the moment we saw each other that it was meant to be.

Hannah Dawson ’14 and Tamlin Dawson ’14

We started dating on Valentine’s Day of our freshman year at Warren Wilson. We graduated in 2014, packed up Hannah’s station wagon, and drove across the country to Tamlin’s home town of Portland, OR, where we’ve lived ever since.

Amanda Styles ’00 and Megan Swett ’00

We like to say that we met at the bank, just like Megan’s parents did. In our case, it was the Warren Wilson bank, where Amanda was serving as teller when Megan started freshman orientation. We’ve been together for 18 years!

Andrew Mercurio ’04 and Bonita Mercurio ’02

Our first date was a private karaoke party at the pavilion on campus. Currently Bonita is a fifth-grade science teacher at Old Fort Elementary, and Andrew is the director of Business Services at WWC. We also have two wonderful kids: Audrey, 8, and Cooper, 5.

Kathleen Honeycutt Nakanishi ’62 and Manuel Nakanishi ’61

The first picture of Reverend Ohler with us was at the Warren Wilson home of Rupert and Joan Dunton where we married on Dec. 26 1962. The second picture is at our home in Miami, Florida in 1982.

Amelia McCallister ’13 and Jonathan “Jupee” Pierce ’13

We weren’t friends until senior year, but once we started hanging out that was it. In pretty quick succession we moved in together, moved across the country, raised two puppies, tried to keep up with one senior dog, and bought a house. We got engaged in February 2018 and married this past August!

Nancy McGalliard ’79 and Dave Brattain ’78

We were married at the WWC Chapel by Fred Ohler on a beautiful fall morning 37 years ago. It just keeps getting better!

Chanelle Gallagher ’11 and Kit Fordham ’11

We met the first week of our freshman year when we were placed on the same work crew: Student Activities! We got married in Minneapolis, MN in September of 2016. WWC Associate Dean of Work Paul Bobbitt officiated, and many WWC alums came to celebrate with us.

John Gathu ’86 and Marjolein Gathu-Ronday ’83

We met at WWC during new International Students’ Orientation Week in Fall 1983. Marjolein was in the same peer group with John’s roommate in Vining, Gich (now his brother-in-law!). When she came to see his room, he saw her and never looked away.

Marie Graven ’02 and Noel Swinburne ’02

We met in the Wellness Dorm, got married at the Outward Bound Cedar Rock basecamp, and got stuck living in the Swannanoa Valley because it’s just so darn beautiful here. We are raising our first child, Lumen.

Megan Gordon ’13 and Zak Kane ’14

We met at Warren Wilson on the Sage Cafe Crew. Megan was actually Zak’s boss when we started dating! Now we live in Atlanta with our cat Hermione, and Zak is using all his Sage Cafe skills as the manager of a local cafe. We’re getting married in September!

Margaret Holtam ’88 and Robby Ballard ’90

We met in 1987 at WWC. We were both dating others, so we were just friends. In 2013, Robby found Margaret on Facebook (thanks, Clark Chapin!). We met again for a weekend date at the beach in February 2014 and have been inseparable ever since.

Will Ferguson ’13 and Kayla Drennen ’13

We met our freshman year and began dating. Eight years later, Will proposed at the top of Dogwood under the tree where we met. We are getting married in Memphis in November. We love Warren Wilson, the community that brought us together!

Katrina Berry Sudduth ’97 and Lee Sudduth ’96

We met at WWC and got married on campus August 2, 1997.

Chazz Peterson ’12 and Kate Page ’12

We both transferred in fall 2010, both living in Schafer C. After graduating, we lived in Asheville for a couple years before hitting the road to 38 states, including New Mexico, where we eventually dropped anchor.

Angie (McMath) Leek ’96 and Jason Leek ’98

We met during the ’94-’95 school year, got married 20 years ago in the garden at WWC, and now live in NW Arkansas raising our family and living the dream. We’re still pretty much the same as when we were at WWC, but we’ve grown older and maybe a little wiser.

Charlotte Black ’70 and Bruce Black ’71

We met when Charlotte was delivering baby pigs in a farrowing house on the farm, and multiple sows were in labor at the same time. Ernst Laursen, the farm manager, sent Bruce to help her. When Charlotte graduated, we had a double wedding in the College Chapel with Claudia and Michael Nix.

Jay Collier ’01 and Kaita Collier ’00

Our first date was a picnic at Riverbend pasture in 1999. After graduation, we traveled to tropical places, then moved to Charleston, SC, where Jay worked as a boat captain and Kaita worked in horticulture. We were married in 2005 and became parents in 2007. We live in Weaverville with our two children, Sheldon, 11, and Norah, 7.

Bart Pfautz ‘05 and Jeannie Pfautz ‘04

We knew each other through most of our college careers, but we got together right before Bart took a semester off. We dated again after he came back, but then Jeannie headed to Uzbekistan with the Peace Corps. Our third attempt seems to have done the trick, and our adventures have taken on a new form as we’ve welcomed Barton, 5, and Amelia, 2, into our lives.

Rachel Reeser ’01 and Steven Slack ’02

We met at WWC in 1998, and were roommates for over 10 years before we noticed each other in a more romantic way. The most interesting roommate situation we had was sharing a tent for a few months in Central America after our worldwide trip. We have been married for 5 years and enjoy adventures with our three-year-old, Ridge.