Join the Tradition

For decades, the Heavy Duty Crew has been a cornerstone of Warren Wilson College’s Work Program. The crew works tirelessly behind the scenes keeping the College running, assuring that our facilities are maintained and ready for its community members to learn, serve, and celebrate. Therefore, it felt only fitting to recognize our loyal alumni WWC Fund donors by creating a giving society honoring such a hardworking and vital campus crew.

The WWC Fund champions each of the College’s operational divisions. When you become a member of the Heavy Duty Society, you are providing students with scholarships, research opportunities, travel to community partners, programmatic support, and the list goes on.

Why Alumni Dedication Matters

  • Because teamwork makes the dream work. College rankings are based, in part, on the number of alumni who support their alma mater. Every gift makes an impact.
  • Consistent financial support provides Warren Wilson College with the stability, confidence, and resources to set lofty goals for everything from student scholarship support to important research and global engagement.
  • Making a gift, whatever the size, feels great. When you give, you know that you are part of something important. You become a partner in educating tomorrow’s leaders and game changers.

Join the Heavy Duty Society by donating a minimum of $10/month or $120/annually and become a dedicated member of a crew of alumni who support the College and its mission. In Rodney’s words , “once heavy duty, always heavy duty.”