What You’ll Study

Our program centers around studying art by experiencing and doing. Core courses give you a foundation in the process of making art and its impact on human life and culture throughout history. Studio courses focus on specific methods and media, where you’ll practice your creative process and share your work with classmates, campus, and the community.


You’ll explore visual art-making in all forms, but most of your studio courses will focus on improving skills and creativity in one of these concentrations:

  • Painting and drawing
  • Printmaking and book forms
  • Sculpture and ceramics
  • Photography and digital imaging

Senior Research Project

Art students work with a faculty mentor to develop their skills as a researcher and creator on a year-long senior project. You’ll propose a topic, develop a thesis, apply a research method, and present your results at the end of the year.

Past student projects

  • Exploration of photographic materials and surfaces
  • Electric to gas kiln conversion
  • Feminine identity, photography, and the uncanny
  • Working with mica and micaceous clay
  • Automata and the art of storytelling

A Future as an Artist

A major in art teaches you to develop and respect your own creative process, equipping you not just to make art but also to make a living with it. Many graduates work as professional artists or go on to further study in a graduate program or in art school. This major can also open career opportunities in interior design, graphic design, web design, art management, museums and galleries, art-related businesses, and other creative fields.

Explore Classes in This Program

ART 112

3D Design

Learn techniques for working with three-dimensional pieces. This class focuses on creative problem solving using concepts like line, plane, volume, and spatial organization.

ART 281

Community Artist Topics

Taught by a different local artist each semester, this course gives you experience in artistic perspectives and processes. Topics include mixed media, glass blowing, fiber arts, and more.

ART 413

Senior Project

Design and create your own cohesive body of work to culminate your art studies. When finished, your work will go on display in a public exhibition at campus’ Elizabeth Holden Gallery.

Meet Our Faculty

Our Art Department is known for its strong foundation courses, variety of concentrations within the major, flexibility to explore the many classes we offer, commitment to community engagement and professional development.

Lara Nguyen, M.F.A
Lara Nguyen
Lara Nguyen, M.F.A
James Darr

Teaching at Warren Wilson College has given me the opportunity to see first hand what a unique educational atmosphere the campus, people and students involved have to offer. This community has an abundance of cross-disciplinary resources that support and enhance the educational experience.

James Darr, MFA
James Darr
James Darr, MFA
Eric Baden

Two notes about the art department at Warren Wilson College: the work of our graduating seniors never looks like their instructors’; some of our best students are not art majors. You know we’re doing it right!

Eric Baden, M.F.A
Eric Baden
Eric Baden, M.F.A
Leah Leitson

I particularly love teaching at Warren Wilson with its unique blend of rigor, respect and encouragement and our students who value their opportunity to be a part of our community.

Leah Leitson, M.F.A
Leah Leitson
Leah Leitson, M.F.A
Lara Nguyen
Holden Art Gallery
Campus Facilities

Holden Visual Arts Center and 3-D Studio

Our 10,000 square foot art center houses instructional studios, photography darkrooms, faculty offices, an auditorium, and an art gallery for permanent collections and visiting exhibitions. The 3-D studio next door hosts studios for ceramics, sculpture, and 3-D design, as well as outdoor spaces for kilns, metal fabrication, and a foundry.  The Lucy Fletcher Studios house instructional space for drawing, painting, and 2D Design as well as senior studios and a woodshop.