Academic Preparation

Becoming a competitive veterinary school applicant means having strong academic and research skills. Our commitment to small class sizes, access to faculty, and academic support extends throughout your pre-veterinary requirements and while you pursue original research.

When the time comes for a letter of reference, you’ll have long-standing and close relationships with faculty who can speak directly to your strengths and research accomplishments.

By the time you apply, you’ll have developed a resume of academic and experiential accomplishments that will set you apart.

Distinguishing Your Application

Warren Wilson provides distinctive advantages for pre-vet students, especially those interested in large animal care. With multiple animal species on the farm, including horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry, you’ll supplement your classroom learning by practicing veterinary practices directly with animals.

In addition to learning traditional veterinary practices like weighing animals, giving shots, castration, and weaning, you will also experience incidental animal emergencies, including antibiotic treatment or broken bones. You’ll develop your confidence working around animals and emerge equipped for graduate school.

And with a variety of animal-related non-profit organizations in Asheville, you will deepen your experience through your community engagement.

Your application could highlight:

  • your recent publication completed in partnership with your faculty advisor, highlighting the quality of your research experience;
  • your service experience through our Community Engagement Program at Appalachian Wild, where you rehabilitate wildlife for reintroduction into the wild;
  • and work experience on our Farm Crew, where you inoculated cattle, assisted in the lambing process, and planned and participated in artificial insemination with our pig and cattle herds.
Meet Our Faculty

At Warren Wilson, I have most enjoyed learning from my students as much as I am teaching them. Their wealth of experiences has not only been valuable in my lessons, but I have learned so much from them as well!

Liz Benavides, Ph.D.
Faculty Member Liz Benavides stands smiling outside of Orr Cottage.
Liz Benavides, Ph.D.
Meet Our Students

Emma Reagan '24

“Farm Crew introduced me to a whole new world. Working here has bonded me with my food so deeply. It is amazing how caring and working for farm animals for 3 years gave me such profound meaning and appreciation of our food systems and the people who make them possible. Without the Farm Crew, I would have never understood that we all owe our lives to the farmer. This is my core reason for pursuing veterinary school. I’ve experienced firsthand the animal health issues farmers face. My goal is to help farmers overcome them.”