Counseling Center Overview

Located in the Murden Health Center, the Counseling Center offers confidential counseling for dealing with issues and life problems with trained professionals. Students often seek counseling when they realize that they need help making difficult life choices, and our counseling staff provides support in a variety of circumstances.

Psychiatric Support

Our Counseling Center offers limited psychiatric support. Students seeking the on-going support of a psychiatrist should make arrangements with an off-campus resource. We are happy to provide referrals and be a partner in developing a plan for success.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services are provided free of charge to all enrolled students. The Counseling Center provides:

  • short term individual and couples counseling;
  • crisis intervention;
  • assessment;
  • referral to community providers, resources, and self-help communities.

Based on personal preferences, students have the option to work with female or male counselors.

Counseling services may also be utilized as a link between the student and parents or others considered part of one’s personal network. Counseling services are available only when the academic program is in session. Emergency services only are available during the summer and other breaks.


The counselors regard the information you share with them with the greatest respect and privacy. In most circumstances, they will tell no one what you have told them. The privacy and confidentiality of your conversations is protected by state law and professional ethics in all but a few circumstances.

Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed when the counselors believe:

  • you intend to harm yourself or another person
  • a child or dependent adult has been or will be abused or neglected

The counselors will not tell anyone, including friends, parents, faculty, staff, or administration, anything about your counseling process, or even that you are a client, without your explicit permission, usually indicated by a signed Release of Information Form.

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

The mission of the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) is to enhance the health and well-being of the Warren Wilson College community through thoughtful dialogue and programming on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-related issues.

CSAP serves as a support and resource for all students. We have programs available for students in recovery, students whose lives have been affected by substance use or abuse, and educational programming for community members who are interested in learning more about substance use and substance abuse prevention.

Yoga in the Pavilion


The goal of the Wellness Program is to help the members of the Warren Wilson College community create, pursue and practice a lifestyle of wellness. The Wellness Program organizes many campus activities including:

  • yoga;
  • vegetarian cooking classes;
  • Tai Chi form and push hand classes;
  • workshops on topics such as herb identification, gender-specific health, healing arts and meditation.

Join us in maintaining a balanced and healthy life.