Ainara Hidalgo '22

While Ainara Hidalgo ’22 attended Warren Wilson you would often find her in the Writing Studio helping her peers write their papers. After graduating Ainara used those skills along with the expertise she gained in cross-cultural engagement in a career at Pierce – The American College of Greece (ACG).

As a U.S. College Counseling Fellow, she advised Greek high school students through the process of applying to colleges and helped them develop their writing skills. Ainara also served as a sort of U.S. Ambassador and mediator when hosting U.S. Colleges and Universities that visit ACG’s campus.

Ainara’s supervisor at ACG was a source of inspiration for her. “Amidst a time when professionalism has destroyed meaningful connections at work, she has taught me that it is not only possible but crucial in intercultural workspaces”.

Ainara’s advice to future graduates is to be compassionate and patient with themselves as they navigate their post-graduate lives. She wants them to know that it is essential to seek purpose by connecting with others, practicing vulnerability, and serving those who need a voice.

Now Ainara is back in the states and works as a Student Academic Services Coordinator at American University’s Writing Center in Washington, D.C.

Fast Facts
Academic Services Coordinator
Global Studies
History/Political Science
Work Crew
Writing Studio