Residence Halls

There are many features common to all residence halls. Each residence hall has its own laundry facility, a full kitchen, and a  furnished common area.  Each room has a phone jack and ethernet connections or wireless connection (allowing you to connect directly into the campus network for high-speed internet access). Each room phone line is equipped with two voice mail boxes. Given the mountain location, air-conditioning is not necessary, and all rooms have heat and opening windows.

Most rooms have two beds with single 37″x80″ mattresses. Some beds are bunkable; in rooms without bunkable beds, bunks may be constructed with the permission of the housing office and at the student’s expense. You will need to bring your own linens. It’s a good idea to bring a mattress cover in addition to your linens.

In addition to the beds, each room typically has two dressers, two closets or wardrobes, and two desks. All windows are equipped with blinds. All rooms are well-lighted, but a study lamp for your desk might be a good idea. Either you or your roommate will need to bring a telephone. Lofts are allowed in certain rooms where the ceiling is high enough (such as the top floor of Schafer and the top floors of the Ballfields) with permission of the housing office.

Currently we allow pets in all of our halls. To find out more about having pets in the hall click here.

The links below will take you to descriptions of the individual residence halls.

First Year Housing

Upper Classman Housing

Suite style Halls

Designated quiet Halls

Single- gender Halls

Healthy living Halls

Cooperative Living Halls

  •     Shepard
  •     Preston House

LEED certified Halls