Welcome New Students

You have chosen to be a part of a very special community, and we are excited to have you join us. In order to help you get to know your new home better, we have designed an Orientation that will introduce you to the people and programs that make Warren Wilson distinctive. You will learn more about the academic mission, your role in the campus work program and our commitment to service-learning, environmental responsibility, cross-cultural experiences and living together in community.

During orientation members of the faculty and staff, as well as student peer group leaders and residence life staff, will be here to welcome you and help you to make the transition to life at Warren Wilson. This time is filled with important informational sessions, and fun activities, and it is required that all new students attend.

Please feel free to call or email the Student Life Office if something seems confusing or if you have other inquiries.


Paul C. Perrine
Dean of Students
Student Life