Programs and Support Services

Meeting new people and being exposed to new ideas is an integral part of the college experience for all students. Along with academics, work and service, involvement in campus organizations, access to support services, publication opportunities and various activities can be an avenue for students to explore interests, hobbies and the diversity of the Warren Wilson College community. Students can participate in a variety of campus organizations and activities, from Improv theatre and writing groups to social justice and environmental organizations. Students also have the freedom to initiate campus activities and make them available to the campus community. The following are links to support programs, services and organizations that make adjusting to WWC much easier.

Academic Support Services: You may experience challenges you did not face in high school while adjusting to college course expectations and a rigorous schedule that includes academics, work and service. Academic Support Services will assist you to become a more effective, engaged and intentional learner. The services are designed to provide support for students at all stages of their college careers by helping them develop the skills necessary to be successful learners. Through a supportive learning environment that fosters intellectual growth, students work collaboratively with support staff to achieve academic success by gaining an understanding and appreciation of their learning styles and by mastering learning strategies that can be applied to general knowledge acquisition or specific classes.

The types of supports provided within Academic Support Services are: academic counseling, peer tutoring services, disability-related services, testing services, sponsored Study Nights, and a 1-2 credit hour course offered each semester called College Academic Skills, EDU 116/117

Athletics, Recreation & Adventure Sports: Athletic and Recreation facilities include DeVries Gym, Bryson Gym, the indoor pool, a complete weight room, tennis courts, athletic fields, the Alpine Tower complex, the Swannanoa River, and miles of foot and bike trails throughout campus. We also have spin bikes, rowing machines and treadmills to use. Warren Wilson College provides Intercollegiate Athletics and is a member of the U.S. Collegiate Athletic Association and fields men’s and women’s varsity teams in soccer, basketball, swimming, cycling and cross-country. All students are invited to try out for varsity sports Athletic Department. Varsity athletes are required to maintain insurance coverage. The College’s athletic insurance provides excess coverage for those injuries occurring in sanctioned team practices and events. The Outdoor Programs Office offers weekend trips, equipment checkout and outdoor sports instruction. Trips are offered every weekend and on some College breaks. Weekend trips include equipment, transportation and food and are usually free of charge. Types of trips include, but are not limited to, backpacking, rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, caving, hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking and surfing. Students can also check out gear and equipment for weekend trips, academic classes, or personal use at no charge. In addition to off-campus activities, the College’s 25-mile campus system of trails is open to multiple uses, including walking, trail running and mountain biking.

Campus Bookstore: The Campus Bookstore is located in Lower Gladfelter. In addition to being a primary source for academic materials such as textbooks, the bookstore stocks school supplies, natural health and beauty aids, gift items, greeting cards, gift cards, local and commercial foods and beverages, and official Warren Wilson College apparel. All text books are either rented or purchased and can be secured with a credit card. Students are advised to wait until they have attended their first day of classes before renting or buying text books. The official return policy for textbooks is 7 days following the course add/drop period. All other returns are three weeks from the date of sale. Students may also shop online for books, apparel, and gifts by visiting the website. The bookstore accepts cash, checks (including out of state) and credit cards (in student’s name).

Campus Safety: Warren Wilson’s small, tightly knit campus is a safe one. Professional campus security officers help ensure a safe environment for the College community and its guests. Campus Watch, the student security crew, assists Public Safety in enforcing College rules and vehicle regulations, patrolling the campus, providing security escorts, securing buildings and property, assisting with traffic/crowd control at College-sponsored or conference events, responding to calls for emergency assistance and providing crime prevention education. Emergency phones with blue beacons are located in campus parking lots. During Orientation, students will meet the Public Safety staff, learn the location of the emergency phones and discuss ways to keep Warren Wilson College a safe community.

All buildings on campus are equipped with fire alarms and fire extinguishers; residence halls have smoke detectors in each room. To prevent fires, smoking, burning candles or incense, oil lamps, kerosene heaters, electric heaters, halogen floor lamps and space heaters are prohibited in all residence halls. Air-conditioners, appliances with open coil elements, or large refrigerators are also prohibited. Only heavy-duty extension cords are allowed in residence halls. The College has a campus fire safety officer who inspects buildings and residence hall rooms and organizes fire drills. The College also has an excellent relationship with the local fire department located nearby, which responds any time an alarm sounds.

Career Development Center: The staff and crew in the CDC is glad to work in partnership with you even before you step foot on campus. From the very beginning we can assist you in choosing a major. Once you are settled we can begin thinking together about summer opportunities and internships that can help you test your interests and abilities. The CDC staff works with you to identify and articulate your transferable skills – the skills that will enable you to discern and find meaningful work/education in your areas of interest. Finally, we are available to help you through every step of the employment and graduate school process. Begin your relationship with the Career Development Center by registering with OWLink so that you can learn more about the programs, workshops and opportunities available to you as a Warren Wilson student.

Computing Services: The Computing Services staff and crew provide computing and networking support to the campus community. They assist students in connecting to the network and keeping their computers free of malware, and should their computers require repair we can direct them to the right repair techs in Asheville. The College has computer labs and computer classrooms with software applications and printers available for students. Network access is available wirelessly in all residence halls and campus buildings, and most locations also have wired Ethernet. Every student gets an email account [] and space on the network file server. If you have any questions about the type of equipment your child needs, email

Counseling Center: The Counseling Center offers confidential counseling services. Trained, experienced counselors are available for students Monday-Friday for scheduled appointments and crisis situations. Students can access the Counseling Center at any time during business hours and sign up anonymously for free, short-term counseling sessions. They also have a psychiatrist who is contracted to provide on campus consultation for students on a very limited basis. Appointments with the psychiatrist can be arranged through a meeting with one of the counselors. Students with an identified need for long-term services are referred to professionals in the Asheville area. Students are responsible for the cost of off-campus treatment; the Counseling Center will assist in arranging transportation.

Dining Services: The Warren Wilson cafeteria provides three meals a day, every day, during the school year. Service is usually cafeteria style, although on occasion there are buffets, picnics, and barbecues. The college dining service focus is based on running the most sustainable food service possible. The cafeteria serves beef, pork and eggs from the college farm as well as a wide variety of vegetables from the college garden. The Cowpie Café in lower Gladfelter serves healthy vegetarian/vegan meals for lunch and dinner during the school week. With a focus on local, whole organic and natural foods, the Cowpie is another great option to keep our students well nourished. Since 1999, the student-run, student-initiated Cowpie Café has been dedicated to serving local, organic vegetarian foods and educating the community on healthful eating.

All resident students are required to be on a meal plan. Exceptions are made only for medical reasons and documentation should be submitted to the Dean of Students. Students with medical exemptions will receive a refund of only the direct cost portion of the board charge. Students can choose to eat in the cafeteria or the Cowpie Café for each meal. Meal cards are scanned once per meal. Students on a meal plan must scan their ID card to enter the cafeteria. A temporary meal ticket must be presented if a student does not have their ID. This can be obtained through the WWC Inside Page under Lost ID Printout. Sage Café is a student-run coffee house/sandwich shop on campus that hosts a variety of programming ventures such as music band performances, movies and open mics. Sage Café is on the meal plan although it’s currency differs in that the Sage meal plan is known as “Sage dollars” as opposed to flex dollars for all other dining services.

Educational Access: Disability—Related Services: The Educational Access Coordinator (EAC) helps provide student access to services, auxiliary aids, and accommodations for students with documented disabilities at Warren Wilson College. The EAC serves as a resource and provides consultation to students, faculty and staff when implementing an accommodation plan. The EAC also serves as a resource and support to faculty and staff in implementing student’s accommodation plans.

Health Center: The Warren Wilson Health Center is staffed by a full-time registered nurse, a part-time Registered Nurse and a student work crew. The center is open 9 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday and is stocked with vitamins, over the counter drugs, and herbal remedies. There is no charge for most Health Center services, including routine health care and the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries. More serious illnesses and those that require X-rays are referred to area resources such as Urgent Care, where walk-ins are welcome. Normal charges apply for visits to medical practitioners to whom students are referred.

The Health Center can arrange transportation to off-campus medical offices for a limited number of appointments each semester. There is no charge for the service, but students should request the transportation at least 24 hours in advance of their appointment. First year students who need to see an off campus medical professional on a regular basis (weekly or more frequently) may request an exception to the vehicle policy by contacting the Dean of Students Office. After hours medical care including emergency care is provided by accessing community resources such as the emergency room at one of our local hospitals.

We strongly recommend that students have health insurance coverage when they enroll at Warren Wilson. We also recommend that students have a copy of the insurance card that they can keep with them. A student health insurance option is available through the College; a brochure was included in the billing mailing and is available on line on the Student Life website. Students should keep an insurance card, or a front/back copy of their card, and have an understanding of how their insurance coverage works with co-pays, assigned physicians and prescriptions.

Housing and Residence Life: Warren Wilson College is largely a residential campus. Approximately ninety percent of students, and many staff and faculty live on campus. This residential philosophy supports a cohesive community of workers, instructors, and learners. The College strives to create comfortable and supportive living environments conducive to learning, growing, and having fun. The residence halls are small (8 to 130 students), and each has a lounge, a kitchen, and a laundry room. Most rooms are double occupancy with a few single rooms available as well. We have a variety of themed communities, some geared towards healthy living, others toward sustainable living, and still others toward a quiet lifestyle. We have halls that are specifically single-gendered as well as co-ed. Residence halls are staffed by upper-class resident assistants (RAs) and Resident Directors (RDs) and full-time, Master’s level, professional Area Coordinators (ACs).

Spiritual Life: Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and other religions/spiritual groups meet for meals, discussions, celebrations and other activities. The Spiritual Life staff and crew plan and coordinate programs to support spiritual growth for the campus community. Many academic classes, service experiences and campus life programs also explore and deepen the diverse meanings of spirituality. Students are welcome to attend services at the Warren Wilson College Chapel, which is part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and visit the meditation hut and garden, a quiet, peaceful place to meditate and pray. A variety of worship and fellowship opportunities for all denominations and beliefs is also available in the Asheville area. The College Chaplain will help arrange transportation for students interested in off-campus worship.

Study Abroad Program: Warren Wilson College highly encourages students to study abroad, and offers special funding support. The International Programs Office offers every qualified student the opportunity to study off campus on a short term cross-cultural educational field experience. Study Abroad Program qualification is based on credit hours, residency, good standing, and acceptance of program rules, regulations, and orientations. A student who has acquired 60 credit hours from Warren Wilson College and has met residency and other conditions may take full advantage of the program and begin formal application for the program in a prescribed manner.

The Study Abroad Program offers stated program options and identifies specific international sites as part of the program. These options and sites change from year to year, depending upon the academic interests of the faculty leaders, staff, and students. Application and program fees are required. Program fees vary depending on the distance of the international location and the time to be spent in the field, but all Study Abroad programs are supported predominantly through College funding. Transfer students should inquire about their status and the associated fees for enrolling in the program. Students are not required to participate.

The Writing Center: The Writing Center connects students with peer writing tutors who are available on an appointment basis throughout the week and during limited hours on the weekend. Peer writing tutors work with students on all facets of college writing, including brainstorming writing topics, paper structure, grammar and final editing. In addition to the one-on-one consultations, the Writing Center provides access to other writing opportunities which include: a course in Weekly Writing Sessions (WRI 105), a writing group called the Muse Collective, classroom visits and in-house instructional workshops, and a resource library with a congenial study and peer gathering space.