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That's what people say about Warren Wilson, and with good reason. Our educational program, the Triad, is singular in higher education. The Triad consists of three interwoven strands of experience: academics in the liberal arts tradition, a campus-wide work program, and service learning. The Triad is infused with a sustainability ethic and cross-cultural understanding-integral parts of the College's history and founding philosophy.

Through the Triad, students gain a meaningful education that feeds their intellectual hunger and guides them to collaborate and solve problems during and after college. Led by faculty and staff, students learn in the classroom, in the forest and fields and in the wider community-locally and internationally. Academics, work, and service connect to create a holistic, experiential education.

Graduates leave the College with knowledge and know-how from academic, work, and service experiences. They leave with a sense of confidence, accountability, and themselves. They leave knowing that their passions will take them places. They leave prepared to do more for the world and for themselves. It's a college for individuals who want to make a difference.

Melissa, '02, Freelance Writer, Photographer, and Editor sums it up...

"The Triad gave me complex layers of both practical and inspiring experiences that prepared me for my professional and personal life in ways that no other college possibly could. In my classes, I learned how to write. My service project, however--building a website for a woman who was hiking the Appalachian Trail for cancer awareness--taught me how my writing could change lives and make connections. Working on the College's opinions magazine crew, I learned to constructively edit other's writing, design and layout a publication, build websites, lead and supervise other students, use professional software programs, and take photographs that can powerfully illustrate a story. The Triad teaches invaluable principles like responsibility, critical thinking, effective communication, compromise, time-management, balance, setting and achieving long-term goals, and community involvement--all with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and multicultural awareness.

The Triad prepared me not only for my career, but to make a meaningful impact on the world. I did not simply earn a degree at Warren Wilson; I became a better human."

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