Congratulations again on your acceptance to Warren Wilson College. Your admission is a reflection of your hard work and shared values. We’re excited to work with you on the next steps.

Steps to Orientation

There’s a lot to do in preparation for Orientation on January 9-11!  Some of these steps can be confusing, so please don’t hesitate to email or call: (800) 934-3536.  Want to contact an office directly? Have a look at the directory.

Move-in day is Thursday, January 9th, which is also the start of New Student Orientation. Check-in will begin in the Kittredge Theatre Lobby at 9:00am. Events on-campus for families will continue throughout the day until the Family Farewell at 5:00pm.

Holiday Closure

Note that many of our offices will be operating with limited staff during the holiday break, and the College will be closed from Dec 24 – Jan 1.  The offices involved directly with preparing you to begin your orientation will all reopen on Jan 2, so please ensure that you’ve completed as many of the steps below as you can before then!

First Year, Transfer, or Returning to WWC?

Note that these instructions assume that you’re a student who is new to WWC.  Whether this is your first college experience or you’re transferring, please complete the steps below.  If you’re a student who is returning to WWC after an absence, please see the bottom of this page for instructions.

At a Glance

Click an item to jump down to detailed instructions.

  1. Deposit
  2. Complete the FAFSA and (if applicable) verification process
  3. Accept your financial aid award in NetPartner
  4. Setup your WWC login credentials and email
  5. Health Insurance Waiver
  6. Pay your first semester bill
  7. Complete the Housing Application
  8. Complete and send your health records
  9. Take Placement Tests
  10. Complete your Work Crew Application
  11. Complete your Community Engagement Survey
  12. Send your final documents and transcripts

All the Details

  1. Newly admitted?

    If you’ve just been accepted to Warren Wilson, please pay your $300 enrollment deposit online now. Students who were accepted for a previous term and deferred have already paid the deposit. Note that you will need your myWWC portal login, which was emailed to you shortly after your acceptance. Can’t find your login? Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help.

    Deposits made while the College is closed for the holidays will be processed on Jan 2.

  2. Apply for and Accept your Financial Aid

    Before your award can be finalized, you’ll need to make sure you’ve completed the following:

    • If you have not completed a FAFSA, you will only be eligible for merit-based scholarships and grants.  If you would like to apply for need-based aid, including federal or state aid, then you must complete a FAFSA.
    • If you’ve been selected for FAFSA verification, you must complete that process before you can accept your final award.  Note that the verification process can be lengthy — plan to contact the Financial Aid and Student Accounts offices to make arrangements in regards to your bill.
    • Note that NC residents must complete Residence Determination Service (RDS) before being eligible for NC state aid and the NC Free Tuition program.
    • If you’re receiving students loans, you must complete the loan paperwork.

    If you haven’t already done so, please login to NetPartner to accept your Financial Aid award.

    Your aid package cannot be applied to your account until you accept your award.

    You can find information about NetPartner and how to login here.

  3. Setup your WWC login credentials and email

    Your WWC username and temporary password have been emailed to you (if not, get in touch).  Once we have processed your deposit, your new network and email accounts will be created within 24 hours.  Deposits made while the College is closed for the holidays will be processed on Jan 2.

    New students who deferred from a previous term may have already completed some or all of these steps.  If you’re confused or having trouble, we can help – email us at web@warren-wilson.edu.

    Note that you cannot login to your new Gmail account until you setup your login credentials with the instructions below.

    Set up Your Credentials

    • Get your temporary login credentials.
    • Go to https://reset.warren-wilson.edu and click the “My Account” button. Do NOT click the “Forgot My Password” button.
    • Login and follow the instructions to setup your recovery email address, define your security questions, and change your password to a permanent one.  Now the temporary password in your Coloring Book will no longer work for any of the College systems — use your new password instead.
    • Give the system 10-15 minutes to propagate your new login credentials to Gmail.

    Setup your WWC Email

    • Go to http://mail.warren-wilson.edu (or you can just go to Gmail).
    • If you see a ‘Sign in’ screen here asking you to enter an email address to login, then continue to the next step.  If you’re already signed in to Google with a personal email, then sign out.  Note: If you’re using Chrome and want to access multiple Google accounts at once, you can add a new profile. Search “Add a person to Chrome” to find out more.
    • Use your full email address (your user name@warren-wilson.edu) and your new permanent password (the one you setup in the steps above) to sign in.
    • Check your email regularly.

    If you are having problems, or if you have not received your login credentials, then please email web@warren-wilson.edu.

  4. Health Insurance Waiver

    You’re required to have health insurance to attend, and Warren Wilson enrolls you in a CIGNA plan and adds the charge to your bill.  If you have health insurance already through a parent or guardian, please fill out the waiver to cancel enrollment and reverse the charge for our student health insurance.

    • Go to studentinsurance.com and enter “Warren Wilson College” in the Find Your School field.
    • Choose “waive new students” and follow the instructions to create an account.
    • Enter your insurance information.
    • Waiving in the fall will waive coverage for the entire year.
    • Are you considering competing on a varsity sports team? If so, you can learn more about athletic insurance coverage here.

    We recommend completing it as soon as possible.

  5. Pay your first semester bill

    You should have received a first semester bill, or you can find a statement in myWWC.  Please get in touch with our Student Accounts Office for helpful instructions about checking that your financial aid is applied, payment plans, and payment options.

    Call 828-771-2062 or email studentaccounts@warren-wilson.edu.

    NOTE: Completing the Health Insurance Waiver (above) will reverse the charge for student health insurance.

  6. Complete your Housing Application

    Among other things, you’ll be prompted to select a meal plan option.

    Complete your Housing Application online.

  7. Complete and Send your Student Health Record

    You’ll need to work with your family and physician to complete your Student Health Record.  Download and print a copy here.  Don’t put it off!  You’ll need to complete the following:

    • Student Health Record
    • Immunization Record
    • Physical Examination

    Note that you cannot attend classes without this paperwork submitted.

    When you’ve completed the health record, please send it to Admission office.  You can mail it or email a PDF scan to jwalton@warren-wilson.edu.

    Mail to:
    Jenna Walton
    WWC CPO 6375
    PO BOX 9000
    Asheville, NC 28815

  8. Take Placement Tests

    These placement tests are hosted on our e-learning platform called Moodle.  You will need to login to Moodle using your WWC username and password (refer to instructions in the step above).

    • Math Placement Test
      All incoming students are required to take this test.
      LENGTH: 60 Minutes
      NOTE: Have pencil and paper on hand. Test should be completed without a calculator.
    • Chemistry Placement Test
      Do you plan to study science at Warren Wilson?  This includes natural science majors (chemistry, biology, etc.) and environmental studies students, as well as students interested in medical school or other health professions.  If yes, you must take this test.
      LENGTH: 80 minutes long and must be done in one sitting.
      NOTE: You may use a calculator.
    • Spanish Placement Test
      If you have studied Spanish in high school or speak it at home, and if you think you might take Spanish in college, you must take this test.
      LENGTH: Untimed.

  9. Complete your Work Crew Application

    Complete your Work Crew Application here.

    NOTE: You will need to login with your WWC username and password (refer to instructions in the step above).

  10. Complete your Community Engagement Survey

    Complete your Community Engagement Survey here.

    NOTE: You will need to login with your WWC username and password (refer to instructions in the step above).

  11. Send us your documents

    Don’t forget to send us the following required documents:

    • Final official transcript showing proof of high school graduation
    • Official AP/IB scores, if applicable
    • Final official college/university transcripts (if dual enrolled or transfer student)

    Mail to:
    Halle Hill
    WWC CPO 6375
    PO BOX 9000
    Asheville, NC 28815

Final Steps for Re-Admission

If you have already been approved for Re-Admission to WWC, then you will soon be contacted by an Integrated Advising (IA) Coach who will guide you through the process of returning to campus.  That will include getting access to your Warren Wilson email, setting up housing, choosing a work crew, and registering for classes (among other things).

Note that Orientation is for students who are new to Warren Wilson.  Your move-in day will most likely be at the Returning Student Check-In on Sunday, January 12.  Check with your (IA) Coach about special circumstances (such as playing on a sports team) that may impact your move-in day.

Thank you, and welcome back!