Spring Meat Sale

Spring is almost here – time to place your order for this season’s batch of beef, pork sausage and lamb! We will have a spring pick up sale this year on April 2 from 9-12 down on the college farm. You can download your order form here.

For those of you who are more digitally inclined we will continue to offer all of our retail and bulk items through our online store throughout the spring and summer, so go right ahead and place your order today!

Our Products

Our award-winning, 300-acre farm produces sustainable, pasture-raised beef, pork, and lamb — all run by students.

Beef from the College Farm

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Please drop us a line at meatsales@warren-wilson.edu to be added to our mailing list!

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Farmed by Students since 1894 

The Warren Wilson Farm is worked and supported by a student crew.  It’s a living classroom, building expertise and character since its founding.

Learn more and meet the Farm Crew!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to purchase WWC Farm meat

    “How and where can I purchase WWC Farm meat?”

    • Beef, pork, lamb, etc. is available in bulk packages and in retail cuts at all times through our online store.
    • When you place an order, you have the option of picking up at 2 different locations: either at our on-site pickup any weekday here on the farm, or at the ASAP Farmers market every Saturday at ABtech in Asheville.  If you have any questions about these options please reach out, we are happy to help.
    • All of our Beef and lamb is 100% pasture-raised and grass-fed! Our pork is pasture-raised and finished using a mixture of grains grown on Warren Wilson College farmland. 
    • We will have an open house style sale on November 13, 9 am -12 pm here on the farm, more information to follow through our mailing list.
  • Meat for food service & retail

    “May I purchase your products for use in my restaurant, shop, etc?”

    Of course! We are looking for more wholesale partners. Please email meatsales@warren-wilson.edu for more information.

  • Bacon & sausage ingredients

    “What are the ingredients in your sausage and bacon?”

    Our product ingredients can be found on our WWC Farm Product Ingredients info sheet.

  • Animal husbandry practices

    “What are your animal husbandry practices?”

    For more detailed information about our animals’ lives and our husbandry practices, please visit the beef, pork, and lamb, pages.

  • Certified Organic / GMO-Free?

    “Are you certified organic? GMO-free?”

    We are not USDA certified organic or certified GMO-free. Our practices are tailor-made to our Farm; we like to call it “better-than-organic”. Our beef and lamb do not consume any GMO crops. Our pork and poultry eat feed containing soybean meal that is purchased from a mill. We cannot guarantee that it is GMO-free.

  • Make a gift to the Farm Program

    “How can I make a gift to the Farm Program?”

    Making a gift to the Farm program is easy and means the world to us. For a general gift to the Farm, please visit the College’s giving page. Under “Designation”, select Farm from the drop-down menu. If you are interested in sponsoring specific equipment and infrastructure purchases, please contact farm@warren-wilson.edu for a current list of our needs.

  • Hire a student or grad

    “How can I hire one of your current students or graduates?”

    Our students have reputations as exceptional workers. To post a job listing, please email farm@warren-wilson.edu and provide a detailed description of the position. If you have a poster or flier made up, attach that to the email. We will forward to students we think would fit, post it on our jobs bulletin board, and pass it along to our Career Services department.

  • Our location

    “Where is the College Farm located?”

    We’re located at 701 Warren Wilson Rd in Swannanoa, North Carolina. The Farm is on the Service Road, the entrance to campus directly across from Riceville Road. The Farm Office is located at the end of that road. If you hit gravel, you went too far! We are the cluster of red buildings down by the facilities building, and the office is the one with a garage door.

  • Visiting the Farm

    “Can I bring family, guests, and/or children to look at the animals on your farm?”

    Due to Warren Wilson’s COVID-19 protocol, we are not currently allowing outside visitors on the farm core or in the shop outside of meat and egg pickups.

  • School groups

    “Can I bring my school group to have a tour of the farm?”

    Again, due to COVID-19, The farm is not currently giving tours to any group or individual. If you are interested in touring campus, we recommend that you reach out to our Admissions department.