What You’ll Study

This program explores four major topic areas: biological psychology, social psychology/psychology of personality, learning and development, and mental health. Through your classes, projects, and out-of-class experiences, you will:

  • Get a broad background in the basics of the field: foundational theories, research methods, and important studies
  • Learn to apply a scientific approach to understanding behavior and mental processes
  • Practice collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data

Senior Capstone Courses

In a two-course senior capstone sequence, you’ll either conduct an advanced-level research project or get real-world practicum experience through an internship. Your advisor will help you design a capstone experience that will best help you meet your career goals, as well as suggest service and work opportunities to support your progress.

Past Students’ Capstone Research Projects

  • Wilderness therapy for adolescent depression
  • Violent video games as catharsis therapy
  • Service-learning and promotion of civic-mindedness

Past Students’ Psychology Internships

  • Tutoring elementary school children with special needs
  • Learning diagnostic procedures for children with autism
  • Locating social services for adults diagnosed with mental health disorders
  • Behavioral management therapy for adults with developmental disabilities

Versatile Degree for Any Career

A deeper understanding of human nature and its complex interactions of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors is relevant to almost any career field. There are clinical and research jobs, many of which require graduate school, as well as jobs in non-psychology fields that use this skill set. You can take this degree just about anywhere you want to go — its value lies in how you decide to shape it.

Common Jobs for Psychology Majors

  • Art or music therapist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • School counselor
  • Forensic psychologist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Market researcher
  • Special needs educator
  • Sports psychologist
  • Rehabilitation counselor
  • Human resources manager

Explore Classes in This Program

PSY 1210

Sport Psychology

Curious about the relationship between mind and body in sports? Explore and develop the mental resilience, confidence, and focus needed to excel in sports and other aspects of life. Investigate the science behind peak performance and discover practical techniques to effectively manage stress, overcome challenges, and set achievable goals.

PSY 4160


Ecopsychology examines relationships between people and the rest of nature. As a collection of theoretical perspectives, ecopsychology asserts that people have essential, unconscious connections with the rest of nature and that detachment from this relationship has dire psychological and environmental consequences. Through writing, direct experiences, and close reading of primary sources, you’ll critically examine ecopsychology’s theoretical roots and practical implications.

PSY 4250

Social Neuroscience

Social neuroscience integrates theories and methods of social psychology and cognitive neuroscience in order to explain social and emotional behavior at three levels of analysis: social, cognitive, and neural. You’ll use key concepts and methods from social neuroscience to analyze findings in core areas of social psychology, including emotional appraisal, person perception, emotion regulation, stereotyping, attitudes and beliefs, social decision making, cooperation, personality, and individual differences.

Meet Our Faculty

I love teaching at Warren Wilson because the students are so interesting and engaging. I'm incredibly lucky that I have a job where I get to come to work every day and learn something new or think about the world in a different way.

Jen Mozolic, Ph.D.
Jen Mozolic
Jen Mozolic, Ph.D.
Cristina Reitz-Krueger

I believe in the power of social sciences to change the world for the better, and I love working with students who want to get out there and actually make those changes!

Cristina L. Reitz-Krueger, Ph.D.
Cristina Reitz-Krueger
Cristina L. Reitz-Krueger, Ph.D.
Robert Swoap

I am committed to co-creating a rich and meaningful experience for students. Whether in the classroom, on a field course, or on the dance floor, I love to help students learn, grow, connect, and thrive.

Robert Swoap, Ph.D.
Robert Swoap
Robert Swoap, Ph.D.

At Wilson, students discover their voice and pursue their passions in a truly magical environment. Guiding them to translate that passion into real-world impact is a privilege and a constant source of inspiration.

April Bandy-Taylor, Ph.D.
April Bandy-Taylor, Ph.D.
Jen Mozolic
Jen Mozolic holding a brain
Meet Our Faculty

One of the nation's most inspiring young professors

Psychology professor Jennifer Mozolic was named one of the nation’s “40 Under 40: Professors Who Inspire” by NerdScholar. With her background in cognitive neuroscience, she loves connecting students to challenging ideas through firsthand experience — like touching a human brain or hearing nerve cells sending signals.