Points of Engagement & Growth (PEG) 2

SPO_PEG_2Understanding of Complex Issues:
Examine why a social/environmental issue exists and how service addresses it.

Overview of PEG 2


Option 1:

Option 2:

Create Your Own PEG 2 Experience – complete all of the following components:

  • Participate in a course/workshop/training on or off campus that explores an issue.
  • Complete 25 hours of service in one issue area related to educational experience.
  • Reflect on your service experience and what you have learned about the issue and submit to PEG 2 Moodle following this prompt: “Considering the education and service you have completed for PEG 2, identify your chosen issue area, describe/demonstrate what you have learned about why your issue exists, how it is connected to other social/environmental issues and how your service seeks to address it.”
  • Complete a PEG 2 online survey to reflect on learning.

Deadline: By second semester of junior year. All components must be completed before registration for senior year.

Suggestions for Service Opportunities for PEG 2:

  • Issue Workshops
  • Break Trips
  • Service Learning PEG 2 designated courses (list available on the SPO website).
  • Weeklies with ongoing education and reflection. See Issue Areas or Calendar.
  • Summer independent service projects.