Points of Engagement & Growth (PEG) 3

SPO_PEG_3Collaboration for Community Impact:
Provide significant and substantial engagement with an issue and/or partner agency that involves initiative and communication. 

Overview of PEG 3


Description of the Required Components for PEG 3

1) Identify a PEG 3 experience. (PEG 3 projects will involve a minimum of 50 hours of service).

You can choose a:

College sponsored experience – Capstone, such as community engaged research; college sponsored internship; or leadership for a break trip or weekly.


On-your-own experience – These projects require approval from the Service program Office before the work begins to assure that the work/partner is appropriate for a PEG 3. This can happen through an email to the Dean of Service.

2) Submit a copy of the Partner Agreement Form to the Service Program Office by first semester of senior year.

  • If the agreement is built into a college-sponsored program, indicate that you want this to serve as your PEG 3 experience and request that a copy of your agreement be sent to the SPO.
  • If you are doing an On-your-own experience or an agreement is not built into your college-sponsored experience, submit a copy of the agreement using the template to the SPO.

3) Reflect on your work by sharing student and community outcomes with the appropriate audiences as identified by the program you are working with on campus or those identified independently by the student and community partner.

  1. If a reflection is built into your college sponsored experience, participate in the reflection activities.
  2. If you are doing the work on your own or a reflection is not included in your on-campus experience, submit your reflection on the PEG 3 Moodle using the following prompt:
    Considering your PEG 3 experience, please address the following:

    1. Briefly describe your experience and any findings or information gained that will benefit the community.
    2. Describe/demonstrate what you have learned
      about the agency or issue?
      about the community in which you served?
      about yourself?
    3. Describe/demonstrate the elements within this service that enhanced your abilities/experience with communication and collaboration?
    4. How do you think your service impacted the issue you were working with and what do you believe are the next steps to continue the work in addressing this issue.

4) Complete the PEG 3 survey.

Deadline: The PEG 3 Agreement is due by the first semester of senior year and PEG 3 service hours and reflection/outcomes are due by second semester of senior year.

Suggestions for Service Opportunities for PEG 3:

  • Internships in the academic year or summer, including those required for majors.
  • Community engaged research project, including capstone and work related projects.
  • Leadership of break trip, issue workshop or weekly including education & reflection.
  • Sustained project focused work with a community partner.